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While playing history, now you can make it.

Update 4 June 2018:

The game is now released and you can all check your dedications. As mentioned below they are all very small but the aircraft dedications (2.3 - 2.9 pt) should be visible to the naked eye.

The only exception is the unfortunate case of the German aircraft on Countersheet 5 where the red dropped out of the aircraft and thus if your dedication is red on those counters it too has dropped out. For this reason we are reprinting all affected aircraft on CS 5 (30 in total) with the soon to be printed CS 55 available free of charge.

The ship dedications are much more difficult to see particularly the SCS as they are only 0.7-0.9 pt (the CVs are around 1.2pt). However we will provide each immortal with a virtual 300% blowup of your countersheet (stripped of all printer marks) available for free download in the next few weeks so you can print it out and have one supercounter in your game.

If and when we reprint the counters we will try to make the text as big as we can (and there is certainly some scope to increase the size on the carriers' name if the name is short or uses initials only) But on SCS the height of the ships limits the size of the text.

But even at the smallest font it is your counter for eternity (as per the immortal dedications on the download section of our site), and I'm intrigued and have a question for you. When you next play are you going to lead from the front with your aircraft or ship or, like Napoleon, leave your best skulking in the rear until its too late to turn the tide of war?

Because when I play you next, your unit is going to be the first shot out of the sky or blown out of the water, irrespective of whether it is the smart tactical or strategic thing to do at the time.

As for me? My Boomerang is spending the war in Mapleton.;)


Harry Rowland


Update 18 August 2017:

They say you die 3 times, once when you die, once when you are buried and once when your name is no longer spoken.

In a thousand years time when the aliens are fossicking through the rubble of our civilisation they will come across a glass museum case strangely unbroken with a slightly tarnished box inside containing the world's largest and most complex hard mounted publicly published boardgame with a plaque reading "Exemplary example of a historical boardgame, circa 2000 CE".

And when they open the box and look at all the little squiggles, I'm fairly positive that they are going to say in a very husky alpha centauran accent "Harry Rowland".

But maybe I'm wrong and it will be your name instead.

To make that a possibility you can either:

a) advance order a World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set for our special advance order price of Aus$599 (excluding freight and taxes) This entitles you to 2 World in Flames dedications; or

b) buy a WiF immortal dedication, a WiF immortal dedication 3 pack or a WiF immortal dedication 5 pack; all available from 7am Thursday 10 August Australian Eastern standard time (check your local time zone it may be Wednesday your time).

But to become immortal you must do now as I am preparing the World in Flames Collector's Edition counters for the printers right now.

Please Download the Dedications s/s on the Immortals section of our Downloads page, check the ship or plane you want dedicated to you or a loved one and after you have ordered, send me an email at with your top 5 priority choices of the aircraft or ships that you would like dedicated to you or a loved one. It's first in best dressed (time stamped by the time of the order or the email, whichever is the later) but we will go through your list and give you your highest priority not already taken.

Note names on ships or planes are going to be very small (around 0.5 point) but initials on planes are much bigger and clearly visible (2.6 pt, they replace the squadron initials, so it effectively becomes your squadron), either way you will also receive a high quality blowup jpeg of the counter your name appears on to show your name and we will keep a record of all immortals on our website. And even on the counter, with good eyes your name will shine.

Every couple of days I will add the new Immortals names to the dedication s/s in the downloads section. Please check that your name has been correctly added to the correct ship.

These are the four dedication spreadsheets available for download on our site that are being updated daily with new dedications. They are:

Aircraft dedications for both World in Flames (302 aircraft) and Planes in Flames (546 aircraft); and  
Capital ship dedications (CV, BB & CA), for both World in Flames (190 ships) and Ships in Flames (543 ships); and

Light ship dedications (CL & Dest Flots) for both World in Flames (69 ships) and Ships in Flames (258 ships); and

Carrier Plane dedications (CVPs) included in Ships in Flames (414 aircraft).

There are two designations per World in Flames Superdeluxe game set ordered. If all your 5 aircraft or ships are taken I will contact you to get some more suggestions. If a ship or plane is available and you don't specify we will assume it is for the Classic counters, if they aren't available, the expansion counters.


World in Flames Collector's edition Immortal dedication - Australian$99.95

WiF Collector's edition Immortal Dedication 3 pack (3 dedications) - Aus$199

WiF Collector's edition Immortal Dedication 5 pack (5 dedications) - Aus$299

Same rules as the WiF CE Super deluxe Immortal dedications, first in best dressed.

And as a final thank you for all those who have already ordered a SuperDeluxe and got an immortal dedication, you are now eligible for a second free immortal dedication, just please send me a second email to


Update 1 August 2017: I've been asked about how the dedications will be displayed.

The names on BBs, CAs CLs, and TRS (side views) will go on the bow, where the ship names normally goes, in effect it becomes the good ship you (or whoever else you want). On CVs (with a top view) if the name is not long it will run parralel to the stern, if not it will run along the deck.

Either way they will normally be a sans serif font (like Helvetica or Arial, whichever looks the most accurate to historical).

On aircraft a name goes on the front (like the names they used to call their crates). This will be in a serif Italics as standard (again to mirror the way these names were commonly displayed).

Note all names will be very small (approx 0.5 point).

Initials on aircraft go around the national marking as the squadron and plane initials. In effect the plane and squadron are both named after you. If its a bomber or transport (top view), the initials are on the wings next to the national markings. Initials are larger and at about 2.5 pt (smaller on wings as they are smaller) are easily visible.

But these fonts are only the standard and if you want different font or style thats fine, whatever suits you.


Thank you for your support for our games and welcome to the Immortals.


Harry Rowland

PS And you don't even have to wait a thousand years!

Ready whenever you are aliens!


Update: 22 July 2017: I have mentioned previously what a debt we owe to those pathfinders who bravely shelled out their hard-earned readies 32 years ago to buy the first edition of World in Flames.

Thus to honour those hardy grognards who have been with us for the whole journey from go to woe since first edition (1985) will gain two additional benefits to the already heavily discounted  World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set:

1) Your immortal name will be framed in gold (assuming you get your email in before the counters go off to print August 15, see below); and

2) You will receive an additional Australian$50 discount on the advance order price for each copy of the WiF Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set you order from our web site.

All you have to do to receive these benefits is send me a photo (along with your email requesting your 5 desired ships or aircraft) showing you with any world in flame component displaying the following

© 1985, Australian Design Group

and a newspaper with today's date on it. Make it look like a hostage photo and the best hostage photos I'll post on our site.

Note that any other copyright, eg © 1986, 1988

included with 1985 doesn't cut the mustard. 1st edition will only have the 1985 date on the components.

Note the price when you order will be the same as the advance order discount but after I receive your photo I'll deduct Australian$50 (again I stress not real money) from your bill.

In this way I hope to thank those brave 2000 souls who ordered WiF1 in 1985 (it sold out within 6 months) and still with us today. And as WiF1 cost about $50, it means after 32 years you finally get to own it for free! I can see ebay will be busy this weekend farming out wif1, a component at a time, for a handy profit and I'll be scanning with flinty eyes the 2001st hostage photo I receive (I am so on to you guys!),