World in Flames Collector's Edition Super Deluxe Games' Set ~ Very Very New!



32 years ago we brought out a 1000 counter, 2 map game called World in Flames that went on to become an international multi-award winning game and smash hit.

60,000 games (and over 200,000 of all the games, kits, magazines and T-shirts in  WiF world) later and here we are with the definitive World War II gaming series.

The World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe Games' Set consists of the:

for a total of 2 magazines, 4 games, 7 expansions, 15 maps and 9240 counters (and a couple of pages of rules:)!

This a grand total of Australian$940 worth of games, kits and magazines all for the low low price of Aus$699, a saving of over 25%.

[Note: The World in Flames Collector’s Edition Deluxe game is being printed in October. All other games, kits, maps and magazines in the World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe package are the latest available editions. They are available now, and will be shipped on order.]

But wait, there's more! All advance order customers who order between now and the official launch (we will try to sneak a few to Eurowifcon at Hofgeismar starting Oct 6) of the World in Flames Collector's Edition Deluxe game at Spiel 2017, 26-29 October will receive the following additional benefits:

* an additional Australian$100 discount to bring the price down to Aus$599, a 36% discount;

* the World in Flames collector's edition compendium (including the Vassal version of the World in Flames Deluxe game) as soon as it is finalised (expected to be around the time of the WiF Deluxe game's release); and

* your name immortalised for the ages on one (dateline 6 August: make that 2) aircraft or ships in the game  (provided you order prior to the counters going to the printers on August 20), per order (first in best dressed).


The World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe Games' set apart from the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game itself will be sent from the USA. The World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game will be sent from Europe.

To minimise freight costs, we still have some Super Deluxe components in Europe and the first orderers will be sent as much as we can to minimise any import duty (in any event the import duty will ONLY be on the components we send from the USA which is less than half of the total cost, the bulk of the order will come from inside Europe and presumably import duty free (give or take the odd Brexit).

For our American and Australian customers we will ship the Deluxe game to our agents in the USA and Australia respectively and then on-sending them to you, again to minimise your import duty. However that may slightly slow down the arrival of the game, so happy to be guided by you as to your preferred delivery method (faster and expensive direct from Europe or slightly slower and a lot cheaper from the USA and Australia)..  


Joining the Immortals

While playing history, now you can make it.

To commemorate our loyal, long-suffering and very patient customers all customers who order the World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe package prior to August 20 are eligible to have 2 ships or planes (or 1 of each) dedicated to you (or a loved one).

Remember that the 2 immortal dedications, like all immortal dedications bestow on the recipient an Australian$50 cashback directly from ADG when they purchase a World in Flames Collector's edition deluxe game irrespective of who you purchase it from provided its bought new (not second hand). You of course get one as part of your Super Deluxe package but if you buy a second Deluxe on behalf of someone else, you get the cashback, if they buy it they get the cashback.

Details here

How am I possibly going to sink you with the HMAS Sir Hazzles

(6 x actual size)

or shoot you down with my mighty HGR Boomerang

(3 x actual size)

if you're not even in the game?!?

Newsflash 18 August: check out the hostage photos. If you are a first edition World in Flames owner and can send a hostage photo of you along with any component of first edition, you get an additional $50 discount on the order of any World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set. via our website.


The other World in Flames products (most notably the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe and Classic games) will be launched with our crowdfunding campaign and we will provide info to you as it becomes available.


World in Flames Game system synopsis

It is the dawn of September 1939, and the dark clouds of war hover over the globe. China and Japan have already been at war for more than 2 years and now a Continental war is about to become a worldwide war, a World in Flames.

You, as leader of your country, must guide your nation in the darkest period of our history. You are not defenceless but the lingering wisps of the great depression have hollowed out your forces and discouraged your people. You must lift them to their greatest heights and achieve the impossible, victory against an implacable foe.

In 1985 Australian Design Group launched what would become the definitive international award winning game of World War II, World in Flames. Now after 34 years we are giving you the definitive version.

From the snowy wastes of the arctic to the deserts of Africa and the Jungles of the Pacific, armies, navies and air flotillas contest the air sea and sky to liberate subject peoples from their wicked rulers.

On any one day you might be fighting on the shores of Normandy defending your capital struggling amongst the snows of Russia <pan to Russian front with footage of Russian front battles> or launching carrier strikes in a life-or-death struggle for control of your sea lanes.

Most battles suffer from the fog of war, particularly in the chancy naval battles. This is covered in World in Flames Task Force display where you can hide your forces and perplex your enemies.

But battle is just one demand on your skills. You must also plan for your future. World in Flames allows you to produce everything you did historically or to change your mix depending on your cunning long-term plans to defeat your foes. Do you have the right mix of aircraft? How many aircraft carriers do you need? Do you want a small elite all mechanised force or a large army of militia and garrisons to hold what you can until your allies intervene and the fortunes of war swing inexorably in your favour.

Speaking of allies, you need to flatter your potential partners, plan with your allies and negotiate with your potential enemies to ensure that when the blow comes it will be you dictating the terms and not your foes.  

But Allies is a purely relative term, and only one country can emerge from this epic struggle truly strong and free. Is this to be your century?

Based on thousands of hours of research, plans and top secret technical data and input from over 10 million hours of playtest data World in Flames is the strategic game of World War II.

World in Flames can be played from 2 to 6 players (and can even be played solitaire). There are 20 campaigns you can play, from the hour long Victory in The West campaign to the 150 hour Global War mega campaign.

World in Flames is the ultimate gaming challenge. Are you game to play?