World in Flames Super Deluxe Package



Well this is it, World in Flames with the lot! World in Flames is Australian Design Group's international award winning grand strategic game of World War II. World in Flames Super Deluxe encompasses all the political, strategic and industrial decisions by all the world's powers from 1936 right through to the post world war II period.

The WiF Super Deluxe Package has been upgraded to contain all the latest hiqh quality kits and games and now includes World in Flames Deluxe, Days of Decision III, America in Flames, Patton in Flames, Convoys in Flames, Cruisers in Flames, Carrier Planes in Flames, Khaki in Flames, the Millenium WiF Annual and the 2008 WiF Annual, a grand total of Aus$726 worth of games, kits and magazines all for the low low price of Aus$499 AU, a saving of over 30%.

Everything you receive is the most up to date components we have including the latest counters, maps and Rules and Scenarios booklets that have incorporated 2 million person hours of playing the World's greatest game system.

The World in Flames Super Deluxe game set consists of the:
World in Flames Deluxe game;
America in Flames (CS 26-28) game;
Days of Decision III (2 x CS 13 & 3 x CS17) game;
Patton in Flames (CS 31-35) game;
Carrier Planes in Flames (CS 29) kit;
Cruisers in Flames (CS 36-37) kit;
Convoys in Flames (CS 37-38) kit;
Khaki in Flames (CS 40-45) kit; and
• most recent 2 Annuals (currently CS 30 & 39)

for a total of 2 magazines, 4 games, 15 maps and 8920 counters!

If you want to encompass the entire World in Flames universe in one easy step then the WiF Super Deluxe Package is the game sensation for you.


Update: If you purchase the WiF Super Deluxe from December 1 2016 until the release of the Collector's edition, you will receive a 33.3% discount on one copy of the Collector's edition World in Flames Classic or Deluxe game (the rest of the Super Deluxe is not being reprinted) should you purchase it, irrespective of when you purchase it (this will replace the advance order discount of 25% on advance order purchases of the Collector's edition Classic/Deluxe game which will only be available to everyone else prior to release of the Collector's edition).