7 Ages: the Collector's edition Posted on 3 Jan 12:28 , 3 comments

Australian Design Group is delighted to announce the upcoming release of the latest edition of our acclaimed history of the world game 7 Ages: the Collector's edition.

7 Ages is a game covering 6000 years of human history from 4000 bce to today. Up to 7 players lead up to 21 dynasties that decide the fate of the world across the ages.
Originally released in 2004 now, after ten years further development and 2 years of intense work with a dedicated team of testers and editors, 7 Ages has been dramatically enhanced, expanded and streamlined.


7 Ages: the Collector's edition includes 67 new civilisations, 165 in total. There are 6 new empires, 21 in total, allowing up to 7 players to control 3 empires each, as you vie for a peaceful prosperous planet (under your benign control naturalich).

The maps have been graphically updated, new areas included and they will be hard-mounted on our beautiful linen boards.

To increase the scientific and artistic aspects of the game, artefacts have been dramatically expanded and improved. There are 17 new artefact types you can build and 155 artefacts in total, more than double the 70 in the original game.


Leadership has also been dramatically enhanced, with 130 named leaders and 43 unnamed leaders (up from 72 and 22 respectively) throughout history (but only one current serving, sorry boys you just don't cut the mustard anymore).

We have also doubled the number of options from 6 to 12 including 3 that are part of the 7 Ages Expansion sets, Secret Victory, Neutral Kingdoms and Deus Vult!.

Secret Victory is an easy way to keep everyone's glory secret so no one knows who is really winning.

Neutral Kingdoms means provinces are no longer denuded when an empire is discarded. Even if you have given up on them, the people still live there and don't take kindly to strangers (not to mention former overlords).

Deus Vult! is a religious expansion that allows empires to explore a variety of religions and the building of temples to their God or Gods. Not cheap, but what price Glory?

All this and much much more is coming soon. And all this in 10 pages of rules and 2 pages of optional rules. Never, in the annals of human history, has so much been provided to so many in one glorious game with so few rules to fret on.

To prove it, the draft (PDF) 7 Ages Collector's edition Rules & Players' Guide (3 Jan 2022) is now available for your perusal. These rules are fully compatible with the original version of the game. The changes are red, the Designer's notes blue, and the cross-references, cyan.

Please note that the most recent version of the 7 Ages Rules & Players' Guide will be uploaded to the downloads section of our site as they are updated.

If you have some comments, please post them on our 7 Ages CE blog. If you would like to playtest the latest version of 7 Ages: the Collector's edition to iron out the final wrinkles, please contact me at ausdesigngroup@bigpond.com.

Thank you for your support for our games.

Harry Rowland



Update: 6 Jan 2022: The remaining original 7 Ages games we have left are on special until sold out. All owners of the original 7 Ages game will receive an Australian$20 discount (in addition to all other special prices) when you purchase a 7 Ages Collector's edition game.