Spiel 2017, 26-29 October Posted on 24 Oct 10:59

Australian Design Group was planning to release the world's biggest boardgame, World in Flames the collector's edition at Spiel in Essen on the 26th October. Alas the project is so massive and the effort painstakingly detailed that we are still a few weeks from release, now expected mid to late november.

However we still have a booth at Spiel 2017 (Hall 8 booth C102) to show off the proof components to the game and have all our other games available for sale too. We will be ably represented by Eric our worldwide manager and Benjamin our European manager who both know the game well and should be able to help you with all your queries. We also welcome any feedback on the graphics and scope of the game, the culmination of a lifetime's effort.

Cat and I were hoping and planning to be there this year to show off the Collector's edition but as its slipped a bit we are stuck at home polishing off the rules and scenarios books (everything else, the maps, covers and counters is already at the printers).to get the game to you as soon as we can.

If you have ordered, but not yet received, a World in Flames superdeluxe games set either via this website or our successful kickstarter campaign and pick it up at Spiel 2017 we will give you a partial freight refund of 40 euros (we still have to ship you the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game itself when released).

Have a great time at Essen and we look forward to catching up next year (when I won't be frantically finishing the world's most massive boardgame project).

Thank you for your wonderful support for our games.


Harry Rowland




World in Flames set to break world record Posted on 06 Sep 11:16

Gidday Wiffers,

I'd like to thank you all for your awesome support on Kickstarter. We have now made our $50,000 target and it is all systems go.

And I have even more thrilling news. Thanks to all your support over the years, together we are about to break a world record for the World's biggest board game. Please see press release below.

Thanks for all your marvellous support and I'm looking forward to us making history together on World in Flames: the Collector's edition release on October 26 at Spiel 2017 in Essen Germany.


Harry Rowland




6 September 2017

Australian game set to smash world record

Australian Design Group is about to break the world record for the biggest board game ever produced with its newest release, World in Flames: the collector’s edition.

World in Flames is a grand strategy board game of the Second World War which was first released in 1985. It has been best seller ever since, and is the recipient of multiple international awards.

Based in the Queensland town of Mapleton, Australian Design Group has reached out across the world to take advantage of recent high-tech develop-ments in print technology to print the, up to now, unprintable.

Australian Design Group Managing Director Harry Rowland said the idea to make the collector’s edition something very special had resulted in the chance to take out the world record.

World in Flames: the Collector’s edition will be released as a hard-mounted board game, unlike previous versions which, like most games in this genre, use paper maps,” Mr Rowland said.

Size does matter, Designer Harry Rowland

“It will have four 830mm x 574mm hard-mounted maps and three 420mm x 297mm hard-mounted mini-maps and displays, totalling 2.27 sqm.

“While we have to confirm with the Guinness Book of Records, we believe that our game will smash the current world record by more than 20 per cent. The current record is a 97cm x 195cm boardgame according to the Guinness book of records.

“We submitted an application on 4 August to the Guinness Book of Records in support of our claim and we look forward to it being recognised on the game’s release in October.”

While produced by this small Australian Company, World in Flames has been an international hit from its first year of release. The game begins in 1939, and encompasses all the important aspects of diplomacy, production and warfare across the globe during the Second World War.

World in Flames: the Collector’s Edition is the culmination of millions of hours testing the game to its limits by thousands of gamers over the years, we couldn’t have done it without their help.” Mr Rowland said.

“The international nature of modern gaming is clearly displayed in this project with artists contributing from Mexico, the USA, Germany, Czechia and Australia; testing from around the world and design in Mapleton.

“In particular we are very excited to be collaborating with our printers, EFKO based in Prague. They are one of the few companies in the world that could take on a project as massive as this and will give it the lavish attention it deserves when we claim the world record.”

EFKO owner, Mirek Kotik, said his company was proud to be taking part in this project and creating history with this world record.

“It is a deserved recognition of our team’s professional approach to printing the most complex projects in a time critical manner, paying attention to the smallest detail in every game we produce.”



World in Flames main maps (0.830 mtrs x 2.296 mtrs)

World in Flames: the Collector’s edition is available for advance order on kickstarter from Sunday 3 September.

World in Flames: the Collector’s edition is an international award-winning global game of World War II. Starting in 1939 with the only forces at your disposal ravaged by the Depression, you, as the leader of your nation, must guide your people through the dark horrors of war to the ultimate fruits of final victory.

Commencing on 1 September 1939, World in Flames encompasses the entirety of World War II in two-monthly turns on a corps level scale. But each turn is conducted in a series of impulses so you never know when the month will end. Can you afford to move your forces in a sweeping pincer maneuver or will the month end with your forces dangerously exposed?    

World in Flames is the first game to successfully integrate all aspects of warfare: air, naval and land forces interacting constantly as well as the production, diplomatic and political decisions required for you to successfully chart your country through the rocky rapids of war.


World in Flames: the Collector’s edition features

  • Largest board game in the world with four large (each 830mm x 574mm) maps, three mini-maps and displays (each 420mm x 297mm).
  • A total of 4800 counters encompassing all the important aspects of diplomacy, production and warfare across the globe during the Second World War from 1939 to 1945, and before and after to integrate with the other games in the series, Days of Decision, Patton in Flames and America in Flames.
  • Up to six players control one or more of the eight major powers of the war (China, the Commonwealth, France, Germany, Italy Japan, the USA and the USSR).
  • Most detailed and integrated system of air, land and naval warfare ever.
  • Twelve million hours of testing.
  • Novel game systems incorporating aircraft, land, ship and submarine special abilities.
  • Highly suitable for solitaire

For more information on World in Flames: the Collector’s edition please go to Australian Design Group’s  webpage.



Australian Design Group was formed by a group of gaming friends in 1982 and for its first game published the smash hit Empires in Arms in 1983. Since then it has published nine games including Days of Decision, Rub Out, World Cup football and its two international award-winning games World in Flames (as well as and its 40+ kits and expansions) and 7 Ages. Several of these are also published as computer games. Australian Design Group is based in Mapleton, Queensland, Australia. For more information, please visit the ADG website.

World in Flames Collector's edition kickstarter campaign Posted on 28 Aug 21:49

Australian Design Group is very pleased to announce that our advance order World in Flames Collector's edition Kickstarter campaign will commence this Sunday, 3rd September, 7 am Australian Eastern Standard time (check your local time it might be saturday afternoon your time).

The campaign goes for 30 days and will be offering the World in Flames Collector's edition Classic game and the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game, both with a 25% discount for the campaign.

Thank you for your support for our games. We trust you will enjoy the culminating fruits of 34 years of World in Flames development, the largest and most detailed boardgame ever published.


Update 3rd October

Now that the phenomenally successful kickstarter campaign has just ended I'd like to thank everyone who has helped in this amazing kickstarter effort, most prominently

James Evans who has been the behind the scenes operator setting all this up, with no knowledge at all prior I think he's run an amazingly smooth campaign,

my son Peter for directing and editing the ks video,

my daughter Anna and Peter's friends Tom and Daniel for being such great stars,

Terry Hannagan for his superb narration,

Eloise for her camerawork,

my sister Belinda for providing logistic support and the location for the film shoot (as well as Australasian manager),

all the playtest team who have done a prodigious amount helping getting the collector's edition into shape,

all the other executives of ADG, Poppy, Donna, Eric, Benjamin and Ruediger who have been overwhelmed with orders and emails,

Wendell, Dave and Andrew for agreeing to become collaborators and have done a great job answering wif queries,

and last but definitely far from least, my gorgeous partner Cat who has been a rock for me and a huge support particularly in these last few exceedingly stressful months, thank you one and all.

And finally I'd like to thank you, the collector's edition members, who have made all the prodigious effort worthwhile, thank you very much for your fabulous support.

The ks campaign has ended but you can still order the Collector's edition with all the trimmings and benefits at the advance order price here on this website until the official release of the game (expected mid-November).

Thank you all once more and see you on the beaches of Normandy, the snows of Russia or the tiny island of Midway (hands off that's mine!) real soon.


Immortal Cashback Policy Posted on 15 Aug 20:32

Each immortal dedication you purchase irrespective of whether its by a World in Flames Collector's Edition Super Deluxe Games set, or WiF Immortal dedication, the person you dedicate your ship

or plane

to is eligible for an Australian$50 cashback on the purchase of any new World in Flames Deluxe Game.

This offer applies no matter where or when you buy it, advance order or 10 years from now, from me or Arfur Daley, provided you buy it new, simply send a receipt of proof of purchase from whoever you bought it from and I'll send Australian$50 to you.

Note that if you have gained the dedications due to buying a World in Flames Collector's Edition Super Deluxe Games set, then this can be a purely benevolent act. Because you get two dedications as part of your purchase, they can be to whoever you want and whoever you bestow them on will become eligible for the cashback too if they buy a World in Flames Deluxe Game.

But note to be eligible for the cashback, the chosen name must be dedicated before we have to bung in all the dedications on 20 August and then send them off for prepress. This is a very time restricted opportunity.


Join the immortals Posted on 19 Jul 09:09

While playing history, now you can make it.

Updated 18 August 2017:

They say you die 3 times, once when you die, once when you are buried and once when your name is no longer spoken.

In a thousand years time when the aliens are fossicking through the rubble of our civilisation they will come across a glass museum case strangely unbroken with a slightly tarnished box inside containing the world's largest and most complex hard mounted publicly published boardgame with a plaque reading "Exemplary example of a historical boardgame, circa 2000 CE".

And when they open the box and look at all the little squiggles, I'm fairly positive that they are going to say in a very husky alpha centauran accent "Harry Rowland".

But maybe I'm wrong and it will be your name instead.

To make that a possibility you can either:

a) advance order a World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set for our special advance order price of Aus$599 (excluding freight and taxes) This entitles you to 2 World in Flames dedications; or

b) buy a WiF immortal dedication, a WiF immortal dedication 3 pack or a WiF immortal dedication 5 pack; all available from 7am Thursday 10 August Australian Eastern standard time (check your local time zone it may be Wednesday your time).

But to become immortal you must do now as I am preparing the World in Flames Collector's Edition counters for the printers right now.

Please Download the Dedications s/s on the Immortals section of our Downloads page, check the ship or plane you want dedicated to you or a loved one and after you have ordered, send me an email at with your top 5 priority choices of the aircraft or ships that you would like dedicated to you or a loved one. It's first in best dressed (time stamped by the time of the order or the email, whichever is the later) but we will go through your list and give you your highest priority not already taken.

Note names on ships or planes are going to be very small (around 0.5 point) but initials on planes are much bigger and clearly visible (2.6 pt, they replace the squadron initials, so it effectively becomes your squadron), either way you will also receive a high quality blowup jpeg of the counter your name appears on to show your name and we will keep a record of all immortals on our website. And even on the counter, with good eyes your name will shine.

Every couple of days I will add the new Immortals names to the dedication s/s in the downloads section. Please check that your name has been correctly added to the correct ship.

These are the four dedication spreadsheets available for download on our site that are being updated daily with new dedications. They are:

Aircraft dedications for both World in Flames (302 aircraft) and Planes in Flames (546 aircraft); and  
Capital ship dedications (CV, BB & CA), for both World in Flames (190 ships) and Ships in Flames (543 ships); and

Light ship dedications (CL & Dest Flots) for both World in Flames (69 ships) and Ships in Flames (258 ships); and

Carrier Plane dedications (CVPs) included in Ships in Flames (414 aircraft).

There are two designations per World in Flames Superdeluxe game set ordered. If all your 5 aircraft or ships are taken I will contact you to get some more suggestions. If a ship or plane is available and you don't specify we will assume it is for the Classic counters, if they aren't available, the expansion counters.


World in Flames Collector's edition Immortal dedication - Australian$99.95

WiF Collector's edition Immortal Dedication 3 pack (3 dedications) - Aus$199

WiF Collector's edition Immortal Dedication 5 pack (5 dedications) - Aus$299

Same rules as the WiF CE Super deluxe Immortal dedications, first in best dressed.

And as a final thank you for all those who have already ordered a SuperDeluxe and got an immortal dedication, you are now eligible for a second free immortal dedication, just please send me a second email to


Update 1 August 2017: I've been asked about how the dedications will be displayed.

The names on BBs, CAs CLs, and TRS (side views) will go on the bow, where the ship names normally goes, in effect it becomes the good ship you (or whoever else you want). On CVs (with a top view) if the name is not long it will run parralel to the stern, if not it will run along the deck.

Either way they will normally be a sans serif font (like Helvetica or Arial, whichever looks the most accurate to historical).

On aircraft a name goes on the front (like the names they used to call their crates). This will be in a serif Italics as standard (again to mirror the way these names were commonly displayed).

Note all names will be very small (approx 0.5 point).

Initials on aircraft go around the national marking as the squadron and plane initials. In effect the plane and squadron are both named after you. If its a bomber or transport (top view), the initials are on the wings next to the national markings. Initials are larger and at about 2.5 pt (smaller on wings as they are smaller) are easily visible.

But these fonts are only the standard and if you want different font or style thats fine, whatever suits you.


Thank you for your support for our games and welcome to the Immortals.


Harry Rowland

PS And you don't even have to wait a thousand years!

Ready whenever you are aliens!


Update: 22 July 2017: I have mentioned previously what a debt we owe to those pathfinders who bravely shelled out their hard-earned readies 32 years ago to buy the first edition of World in Flames.

Thus to honour those hardy grognards who have been with us for the whole journey from go to woe since first edition (1985) will gain two additional benefits to the already heavily discounted  World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set:

1) Your immortal name will be framed in gold (assuming you get your email in before the counters go off to print August 15, see below); and

2) You will receive an additional Australian$50 discount on the advance order price for each copy of the WiF Collector's edition Super Deluxe game set you order from our web site.

All you have to do to receive these benefits is send me a photo (along with your email requesting your 5 desired ships or aircraft) showing you with any world in flame component displaying the following

© 1985, Australian Design Group

and a newspaper with today's date on it. Make it look like a hostage photo and the best hostage photos I'll post on our site.

Note that any other copyright, eg © 1986, 1988

included with 1985 doesn't cut the mustard. 1st edition will only have the 1985 date on the components.

Note the price when you order will be the same as the advance order discount but after I receive your photo I'll deduct Australian$50 (again I stress not real money) from your bill.

In this way I hope to thank those brave 2000 souls who ordered WiF1 in 1985 (it sold out within 6 months) and still with us today. And as WiF1 cost about $50, it means after 32 years you finally get to own it for free! I can see ebay will be busy this weekend farming out wif1, a component at a time, for a handy profit and I'll be scanning with flinty eyes the 2001st hostage photo I receive (I am so on to you guys!),

World in Flames Collector's edition Posted on 17 Jul 15:36

Update 20 February 2018:

The good news is we at last have a definite general release date from our printers, the bad news is its not good news. In all the dozens of projects we have done using a variety printers on 4 continents over 35 years, we have always had the game released within 2 weeks of the rule proofs being approved as we base production on a project plan (counters last November, maps, charts and box covers December, kit covers January and the rules Feb 6). Unfortunately some of the other components are still weeks away from finishing and the printers are now definitively stating late March for general release.

We are negotiating with EFKO (the Czech printers) about speeding up that process wherever possible and they are looking at a special early release of 800 or so Collector's edition games (600 Deluxe and 200 Classic) for you, our very dedicated and greatly appreciated advance order customers (both from this web site as well as kickstarter), and hopefully we will be looking at mid-march for these games to ensure you get the biggest boardgame in the world first. I will give you a hoy as soon as I can firm an exact day for release, both general and advance order.

The other news is that the game is very heavy. The deluxe game is expected to weigh about 5.75 kg (12.7 lb), three times heavier than the current edition. We will keep freight prices the same as now for advance order customers, but will need to adjust freight prices after that to account for the heavier than expected weight of the game.

Very sorry for the delay (not the weight, we knew it was never going to be an air box) but it is a massive project and we hope you will find the wait worth it when its finally in your hands.

Update 29 November 2017: The World in Flames Collector’s Edition game is being printed now. Unfortunately our printers are not quite as nimble as planned and they have just informed us that with their Christmas break (2 weeks off) the game is unlikely to be finished before mid-January.  They are now working flat out and there is still a chance of release before Christmas. I will post further updates as I receive them.

I'm very sorry for the delay. I'm still working very hard to get the game to you as soon as possible and having proofed the components I firmly believe the game will be worth the wait.

Update 24 July 2017: The World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe game is now available for advance order. You can download all the aircraft and naval dedication s/s here and you can find out about becoming a WIF immortal here,

Update 17 July 2017: Have just uploaded an extract of my Aircraft Production and Specifications chart with two new columns for Dedications. Please note that they are not complete yet as I have to insert the dedications of the current playtesters prior to general release (and thus potentially limiting the 846 aircraft available).

Note this s/s only contains 3 columns of aircraft data, the name, the year and the notes. The actual s/s is 1089 rows long and 89 columns wide, 39 columns of data and 60 columns of formulas, 100,000 cells, that produce the most accurate, non-biased, non-partisan value of EVERY combat aircraft of World War II (and many more not built, gotta love the optimism of the coal-fired powered P.13 team!). Check the s/s, all the new aircraft are in green background.

Hopefully just the notes show the depth of the research that has gone into just one aspect of the game. What I haven't included is things like the production numbers not only for every Model, but every type and Mark as well. Some of the info is inferred some are educated guesses but its all backed up with references and its better info than you will get in one location anywhere on the planet.

The numbers per mark are what decides whether a plane gets 0, 1 or more units in World in Flames, and all this info will be available in the handbook after release of the collector's edition .

But just like people, planes have personalities too. All aircraft are unique and no two planes have the same values in World in Flames.

The final aircraft dedication s/s will be up in the download section in the next couple of days.

I still have to dolly up our Ship in Flames spreadsheet to include all the ships available to choose from for dedications and the final version of that should be up in the next couple of days too.

Please don't send requests for aircraft or ship dedications quite yet. We are currently aiming for a Sunday 7am Australian Eastern Standard time launch for our WIF Super Deluxe package advance order (only) which is the optimal time apparently for Anerica (2pm - 5pm Saturday) Europe (Saturday 10pmish? give or take the odd double summer time) and eastern Asia (6-7am). But please check back prior to Saturday/Sunday as that may change.

The WIF Superdeluxe includes $940 worth of games, kits, expansions, maps and magazines plus a priceless dedication to immortality (or until you lose your counter moving, whichever comes first) and the Vassal super deluxe version. Our normal price is Australian $699 but the advance order is only Australian $599 which I am reliably led to believe is less than $500 in real money (euros and US$, excluding freight).

The WiF Superdeluxe components we can send to you now, the dedications will be added to the counters as you tell me which aircraft or ship you want (and the list published on our website progressively), the Vassal version as soon as its ready (aiming for early October) and the wiF Deluxe game as soon as its printed (aiming for a Spiel 2017 launch late October).

Thanks for your patience, but its now all systems go.

Update 14 July 2017: Still working furiously on the graphical aspects of the components (the values themselves are more or less set now).

If you check out the downloads page you will find some medium res counters, maps and charts showing the kind of love, care and attention going into the production of this game.

To fill you in what is happening. Before we send the counters off to the printers we will publish in our downloads section two s/s, one containing all the ships in WIF and SiF and the other with all the planes in WiF and PiF. They will include a column which allows us to dedicate the planes and ships to individual gamers.

This will be done sometime next week, a couple of days before we open up here on our website advance ordering ONLY for the WiF Superdeluxe package. The other 9 WiF products will be open for sale (along with the superdeluxe) on our crowdfunding site when we commence that (planned for August).

This does three things, first we can send you all the non WiF Deluxe products now, clearing the decks for our sales staff to just deal with the WiF Deluxe when it is printed.

Secondly we are working on and nearly finished the Vassal version of the Collector's edition and will send that to all WIF Super Deluxe orderers as soon as it is ready which means you will be able to play the Collector's edition even prior to release of the printed game.

Most importantly it gives me the time to put in your names progressively rather than all at the last minute before printing.

To ensure you get your name on a ship (very tiny about 0.4 pt) or initials or name on a plane (initials clearly visible at about 2.6 pt) you need to download the s/s (when its available), check which plane or ship you want (remembering that we go into enormous detail and each plane is individual so telling us you want a Bf-109G is not much help), ensuring its still available (check the Dedication column), make an order, and send me an email to with your top 5 choices to ensure you get what you want and the exact wording you want (not too long unless you want it to be incredibly tiny).

Its first in (having done both) best dressed, and then I will put the names on the ship or plane and send you a confirmatory email (or a request for another 5 if your five are all taken). I'll then endeavour to update the s/s everyday with the Dedication column updated  so you know which ones are still available.

Then when all the names are on the ships and planes we will send you a blowup of the countersheet with your chosen moniker and when we publish our Handbook of Aircraft and Naval Unit Technical Data we will include the dedications full name so there is a permanent record.

I hope particularly some of the original two thousand WIF1ers take advantage of this offer (hopefully some are still alive!). You guys I owe the greatest debt too, as it was your faith 32 years ago that still sees us here today. If you are a WIF1er (which includes the 2nd edition rulebook) pls tell me in your email and I will put the dedication in gold (you are truly Le grogneur des grinçants).

The other products will be launched with our crowdfunding campaign and we will provide info to you as it becomes available,

Thanks you very much for your long patience in this 32 year odyssey. We are almost there.

Update 29 Jun 2017: Just a quick update to say that we are still on course for an October release and we are looking to start a 30 day crowdfunding campaign (got any ideas on the best one for games?) by end of July or early august, both to broadcast its imminent release and to give us more exact numbers of how many of the different games and kit we end up printing.

As an added incentive to all purchasers of the Super Deluxe package who advance order before the counters go to the printers (expected mid August) can have their name, moniker or initials (yourself or someone you love) printed on your favourite aircraft or ship in the game. Note that the printing is very tiny (<2 pt) but we will send you a blowup of it so you can quite clearly see you're immortalised.  its only 1 name per ship or plane so its first in best dressed (note though that most of the planes and some of the ships have more than one manifestation, eg there is a WiF Bismarck and a SiF Bismarck).

Back to work!

Update 23 Feb 2017: I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the release of World in Flames: the Collector's edition will now be at Eurowifcon 2017 and Spiel 2017 both in Germany in October this year.

Now for the good news. While Cat and I were in Germany last October we had discussions with some of the biggest boardgame printers in the world. As a result of those discussions we are pleased to announce that World in Flames: the Collector's edition maps will be printed for the first time ever as hard-mounted map boards. With a total map-size of 840mm wide x 2.63 metres long, this will (unless I am very much mistaken) make World in Flames the largest ever hard-mounted map game published in history.

But wait, there's more! For the counters we are also going from knife cut (with all that nasty flash on each edge to deal with) to die cut that you just punch out with your fingers. And furthermore we intend to print them with beveled edges so all you gamers who meditate by clipping all four corners of thousands of counter edges before you play will have to find some other form of serenity (sorry about that Robin!).

And there is a bunch of other stuff we have decided to do too like make both the rulebook and scenario books full colour with heaps of full-colour examples. In producing the aircraft for Planes in Flames (including over 50 new models)  we have amassed the most detailed accumulation of ship and aircraft technical and production data that has ever been collated and are considering publishing a hard cover academic World in Flames Handbook of combat aircraft and naval unit technical & production data  (this would normally be a full-time project in its own right and I won't be holding up the publication of the Collector's edition if simultaneous publication is not possible).

All this requires not only the physical production of counters, maps, rules and charts etc but also the manipulation of them so they fit into the printer's specifications. What we are attempting has not been done before and wasn't actually possible in the recent past at least if you wanted an acceptable game to play on the scale of World in Flames. You will notice the seismic impact of this change in that World in Flames: the collector's edition in the new way it is being packaged as explained below.

All of this is going to take time. For example I have to manipulate the maps a bit so they abut each other as hard mounted maps rather than layering over each other as in all previous editions. Because the maps edges will fold over I have to move all edge city names, factories, ports etc a little bit in to the centre of each map to allow a bit of leeway in printing.

So please accept my humble apologies for the length of time this is taking to complete but I hope it reinforces the fact that the Collector's edition is definitely it! I have other projects I want to finish before I get too drifty to remember what they are.

But my sole goal now is when you open your copy of World in Flames: the collector's edition, you will agree it is the best, most beautiful and most accurate strategic game of World War II you have ever played.

I want this to be the game you will to your grandchildren. More than that I want your grandchildren to fight over it and not speak to each other at Christmas if they don't get it. Anything less than this is abject failure!

You will also be glad to hear that we now have (proposed, based on current quotes from printers, prices will be finalised and fixed prior to taking first orders) prices for the game (excluding freight, taxes and charges)

Collector Edition Games

World in Flames Classic - Australian (Aus) $199

World in Flames Deluxe - Aus $399

World in Flames Super Deluxe- Aus $799 (will be less if it doesn't include the hard-cover World in Flames Handbook of WWII combat aircraft & naval units).

To reward you for your support for ADG and our games, in May or June we will set up an advance order system where if you order before its release you will receive a 25% discount on each of the above products, i.e. 

Collector Edition Games

World in Flames Classic - Aus $149

World in Flames Deluxe - Aus $299

World in Flames Super Deluxe- Aus $599 (which is pretty cheap for 4 games, 2 magazines, a hardcover book of technical data, 7 expansions, 15 maps and 9240 counters and a couple of pages of rules).

I will announce on our website when we are ready to start taking pre-orders. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in our games and I'll get back to slaving over a hot Stuka and wonder what fantasy numbers, sorry I mean detailed specifications, I can come up with for the Super-Lorin (that original Lorin was just rubbish!).


Harry Rowland



Original post July 2016 (revised to include new information disclosed above)

When World in Flames was first released in 1985 I had no idea we'd still be beavering away at it 32 years later.

The first edition took 2 years to produce. The collector's edition has so far taken 10 years. It synthesises approximately 9 million person hours of gaming experience (and that's based on the estimate that each of our 60,000 customers have only played it once, and even then only against other customers so I suspect that is a substantial underestimate) to bring you (in October 2017) the definitive strategic game of world war II. 

The collector's edition provides new maps, new counters, streamlined, simplified and clarified full-colour rules, new scenarios, new options, new countries and new strategies.

The maps have moved away from mercator and conic projections to equal area projections. No 2D representation of a 3D world can be accurate but some are more appropriate than others. The problem with equal area projections is they tend to draw inwards areas close to the globe. To handle that we use the map breaks to ensure that if the cities can't go to the map edges the map edges can come to the cities. This gives the maps themselves a pleasing and intuitive globe look themselves (as you can see from the Asia map attached to this blog).

The counters have all been updated and revised as necessary. An extra countersheet has been added so all standard corps are now included in the Classic set. The carriers now show a top view as the dive bombers would have seen it just as they were releasing their bombs and all submarines are now individualised by class which affects their performance characteristics. More entry markers are available so you shouldn't run out now and everyone now has their own offensive points they can buy and spend.

The rules themselves have been thoroughly overhauled to make any FAQ superfluous. We have spent the last 7 years simplifying, streamlining and standardising the rules as much as possible with many more examples to make play of the game as smooth as possible.

There will also be 2 new expansions, Territories in Flames which replaces Africa Aflame and Divisions in Flames which replaces Asia Aflame & Mech in Flames. The basis of the collector's edition is that if you want one unit or marker type, you only need to go to one kit. Thus if you want divisions and artillery, all of them for all WiF games (including Patton in Flames and America in Flames) will be included in Divisions in Flames.

Finally we have added several new campaigns and scenarios including America in Flames, Patton in Flames and Days of Decision campaigns that now use all the counters from all the expansions (e.g. adding Ships in Flames to America in Flames).

It has taken 9 further years but at last we hope to achieve our 31 year endeavour to make World in Flames the Collector's edition the greatest gaming experience of your life.

*****************  .

The World in Flames Collector’s edition world comes in one of ten flavours:

  • World in Flames Rules Set;
  • World in Flames Map Set;
  • World in Flames Classic Counters Set;
  • World in Flames Classic Collector’s game;
  • Planes in Flames expansion;
  • Ships in Flames expansion;
  • Divisions in Flames expansion;
  • Territories in Flames expansion;
  • World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s game; and
  • World in Flames Super Deluxe Collector’s game set.

The World in Flames Rules set consists of:

  • this rule book (incl. 2 x A4 builds charts);
  • The Campaign & Players’ Guide (sections 24-30 of the rules including scenario and campaign set ups); and
  • 3 x A3 full-colour game charts.

The World in Flames Map set consists of:

  • 4 large (574 x 820mm) hard-mounted full-colour maps covering most of the world (West Europe & Africa, East Europe & the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific);
  • One 297 x 420 mm hard-mounted full-colour mini-map of America; and
  • One 297 x 420 mm hard-mounted full colour Turn record chart.

The World in Flames Classic Counters set consists of 1600 (12.7 x 12.7 mm) counters representing the armies, navies and air forces of World War II (countersheets 1-6, 24 & 46);

The World in Flames Classic Collector’s edition game consists of the:

  • World in Flames Rules set;
  • World in Flames map set;
  • World in Flames Classic counters set;
  • box & 2 ten-sided dice.

Everything you need to play the game.

Planes in Flames adds 600 counters representing all the combat aircraft that fought before during and after WW II including many new and late-war aircraft and capabilities that fully integrates Planes in Flames with all World in Flames games (AiF, DoD, PatiF & WiF, countersheets 7-9);

Ships in Flames comprises:

  • 1800 counters representing all the aircraft carrier, battleships cruisers, subs, transports, amphibs and carrier planes before, during and after WW II (CS 18-22, 36 & 51-53); and
  • one 297 x 420 mm full-colour Task Force display.

Divisions in Flames adds 400 counters representing all the independent divisions that fought during WW II (including special forces and elite divisions as well as Guards Banne Armies and their divisions, countersheets 49 and 50);

Territories in Flames adds 400 counters representing all the special corps and armies created during WWII from Territorials to Siberians, to city based volunteers, warlords and even the potential creation of the Ukraine (countersheets 47 and 48).

The World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s edition game consists of:

  • the World in Flames Classic Collector’s game;
  • Planes in Flames;
  • Ships in Flames;
  • Divisions in Flames; and
  • Territories in Flames;

for a total of 5 maps and 4800 counters.

The World in Flames Super Deluxe Collector’s game set* consists of the:

  • World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s edition game;
  • America in Flames game (CS 26-28);
  • Days of Decision III game (2 x CS 13 & 3 x CS17);
  • Patton in Flames game (CS 31-35);
  • Africa map (full-colour 514 x 534 mm paper map);
  • Scandinavian map (full-colour 330 x 197 mm paper map);
  • Khaki in Flames (CS 40-45) kit; and
  • hard cover WWII Handbook of Combat Aircraft & Naval units (to be confirmed); and
  • most recent 2 Annuals (currently CS 30~Politics in Flames & CS 39~Factories in Flames);

for a total of 1 book, 2 magazines, 4 games, 7 expansions, 15 maps and 9240 counters (and a couple of pages of rules:)!


* ~ Please note that only the World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s edition game and WWII Handbook of Combat Aircraft & Naval units are being printed. The rest of the superdeluxe package includes the current version of the magazines, games and expansions. 

A Wargame widows diary - Eurowifcon 2016 from the other side of the trenches Posted on 13 Sep 10:05

Renowned artist and former advertising executive Catriona Holland will be attending this year's Eurowifcon at Hofgeismar (October 7-16) and presenting her own unique vision of being in the pressure cooker of 10 days kampf for world domination (and getting a decent feed in Hofgeismar). Cat's reports will start appearing in our Blogs section (to allow comments) on the 9th October.

For those interested in details of Eurowifcon 2016 please go to their website or email Markus at


Harry Rowland

Welcome Posted on 04 Jun 09:57

Gidday friends and gamers,

Glad you could drop by and check out our new site. Like myself, it is currently a work in progress so please bear with us while we add all the bells and whistles.

Hopefully this site is much better organsied than our last but if you have any queries, comments or suggestions please feel free to drop me a line via the contact us page.


Harry Rowland


P 1000 projects (World in Flames Master edition and Battle for Britain) Posted on 03 Jun 09:53

The P1000 projects overall were very successful with 3 of the 5 projects having already been printed (Khaki in Flames, WiF Blitz and Fatal Alliances III, the latter 2 in partnership with Compass Games).

The contracts for World in Flames: the master Edition and Battle for Britain have now expired and we are looking at alternative ways of bringing these fine games to our customers.

Don't panic! This site is set in Australian$, not real money! Posted on 01 Jun 10:49

All prices are set in Australian$. We have included a converter at checkout so you can see what it will be in your currency. Note that this only shows the current exchange rate and your bank may charge a conversion/transaction fee.