Please find below rules, charts, set ups, examples of play, play aids etc for many of our games. If you have some you would like to add please drop me a line via our contacts page.

Note that many of these files are zipped and all are in Word, XL, Acrobat reader, jpeg or png format.


 World in Flames Overview

World in Flames Collector's edition Contents description (updated 24 July)

World in Flames advance order price list (word)

World in Flames advance order price list (pdf)



The Immortals

(updated 25 July, immortality entrance exam closes 15 August)

The following files show all the aircraft and ships portrayed in the World in Flames Collector's edition game. Please download them to assist you in deciding which plane or ship you would like dedicated to you (see News for further info).

Update 24 July 2017: The first immortals have now been added to the records (thank you all for your wonderful support) and some of the units are starting to sell out (all the good stuff first like the HMAS Canberra, natch).

The files below have all been updated with all the latest immortals. If I have missed you (or you want a different moniker for your ship or plane) or you have ordered but not put in a request for a ship or plane yet, pls give me a hoy at

World in Flames Collector's edition Aircraft dedications (301 WiF aircraft and 546 PiF aircraft)

World in Flames Collector's edition Capital ship (CV, BB, BC, CA, M and the Queens) dedications (190 WiF ships and 543 SiF ships).

World in Flames Collector's edition light ship (CL & CX) dedications (69 WiF ships and 258 SiF ships).

Carrier Plane dedications (CVPs) included in Ships in Flames (414 CVPiF aircraft).

Feel free to forward these spreadsheets to anyone who may be interested.

The extensively researched notes in the aircraft dedications s/s in particular are informative,wide-ranging,, and even occasionally humorous (if you can't laugh about WWII, what can you laugh about?).

If you are interested in WWII aircraft it may be worth a read irrespective of whether you are a gamer or not. If you are a World in Flames player it tells you every aircraft included in the Collector's edition of the game.

The full spreadsheet includes all the specifications, formulas for values and the most detailed production numbers (down to each mark) ever in one document. After publication of the Collector's edition, I will also publish these documents and we can discuss the formula that accurately describes the optimal aircraft.


Latest World in Flames Collector's Edition tasting 26 July 2017

La Gloire

Rule Britannia


Drang Nach Osten!

Task Force Display

Western Europe in Flames


 World in Flames Collector's Edition Orders of Battle

WiFCE Classic OOB (CS 1-6, 24 & 46, 1600 counters)

WiFCE Planes in Flames OOB (CS 7-9, 600 counters)

WiFCE Ships in Flames OOB (CS 18-22 & 51-54, 1800 counters)

WiFCE Territories in Flames OOB (CS 47 & 48, 400 counters)

WIFCE Divisions in Flames OOB (CS 49 & 50, 400 counters)


World Cup Tournament Football Game



7 Ages

7 Ages rules, charts and play aids pack

7 Ages French language pack

7 Ages German language pack


World in Flames World

World in Flames7 games and kits components list

America in Flames rules and set up pack

Days of Decision III rules, set up and charts pack

Patton in Flames rules and set up pack

World in Flames7 Rules and set ups

World in Flames7 Combat charts

World in Flames7 Production Circle


World in Flames Collector's edition sneak peek

Please note that all the contents of the World in Flames collector's edition are strictly draft and may well change prior to release (expected October 2017 at Eurowifcon and Spiel 2017).

WiF Collector's edition rules 16 May 2017

WiF Collector's edition rules and set ups pack

WiF Collector's edition combat charts pack

WiF Collector's edition turn record chart (and options manifest)

WiF Collector's edition maps (draft 67.5 dpi)