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Please find below rules, charts, set ups, examples of play, play aids etc for many of our games. If you have some you would like to add please drop me a line via our contacts page.

Note that many of these files are zipped and all are in Word, XL, Acrobat reader, jpeg or png format.

Thank you for your great support for our games.


World in Flames Overview

World in Flames awarded world record for world's biggest boardgame (Nov 25 2019)

World in Flames Collector's edition (WiF CE) Contents description (updated 3 Jan 2019)

World in Flames games and kits components list (updated 11 Oct 2018)


World in Flames Collector's Edition

Update 28 Nov 2023

FINAL World in Flames Collector's Edition Scandinavian Map, 18 Jul 2019

Please note that if you are an owner of the WiFCE Virtual Companion, a much higher resolution map (300 dpi) is already in the maps folder of your companion.

Full-colour World in Flames Collector's edition Rulebook (8 February 2018)

Full-colour World in Flames Collector's edition Campaign & Player's Guide (8 February 2018)

World in Flames Collector's edition living Rule Book (PDF), 28 Nov 2023 (including highlighted errata and hyperlinks)

World in Flames Collector's edition living Campaign & Players' Guide (PDF), 2 Sep 2023 (including highlighted errata and hyperlinks)

World in Flames Collector's edition (XL) 30. Setups, 3 Sep 2023 (including highlighted errata)

World in Flames Collector's edition (PDF) 30. Setups, 3 Sep 2023 (including highlighted errata)

World in Flames Collector's edition (PDF) Combat charts pack 3 Sep 2023

World in Flames Collector's edition errata (PDF), 19 Nov 2023 (arrrgh, the horror, the horror)

WiFCE Classic Unit Description chart (JPEG), 19 Nov 2023

WiFCE Deluxe Unit Description chart (JPEG), 28 Nov 2023

WiFCE Terrain Effects Chart (JPEG), 18 Nov 2023

WiFCE Orders of Battle Pack (all 5 OOBs incl. errata (zipped XL), 16 Jun 2018)

WiFCE Builds Chart in both XL and PDF format (28 Nov 2017)

WiF Collector's edition charts pack (updated 12 Oct 2017)

La Gloire

Rule Britannia


Drang Nach Osten!

Americas mini-map (4 Oct 2017)

Turn Record Chart (4 Oct 2017)

SiF Task Force Display (4 Oct 2017)

WiF World map (all 4 maps as sent to printers, updated 22 Sep 2017)

Western Europe in Flames (updated 22 Sept 2017)

WiF CE 1940 Fall of France vassal scenario (zipped) 23 Sep 2017


Join the Immortals (updated 28 August 2017)

D(edication) Day: Storming the Beaches!

WiF Immortality closed this lifetime (perhaps not?).

While playing history, now you can make it.

To all immortals, can't wait to sink you with the overwhelming firepower of the HMAS Sir Hazzles

or shoot you down with my mighty HGR Boomerang

Are you in the game?

Immortal Dedication details here

 All dedications provide an Australian $50 cashback on one purchase of a new WiF Deluxe game by the dedicatee irrespective of when or from whom, they buy it.

An immortal on patrol.


Final Ship & Aircraft Dedications

(updated 20 September 2017)

The following files show all the aircraft and ships portrayed in the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game.

If you are an immortal and are not on any of the 4 s/s below (AIrcraft, Capital ships, light cruisers and/or carrier planes) you need to contact me immediately at

(3 x actual size)

The following is the final list of immortals.

World in Flames Collector's edition Aircraft dedications (302 WiF aircraft and 546 PiF aircraft)

World in Flames Collector's edition Capital ship (CV, BB, BC, CA, M and the Queens) dedications (190 WiF ships and 543 SiF ships).


(3 x actual size)

World in Flames Collector's edition light ship (CL & CX) dedications (69 WiF ships and 258 SiF ships).

Carrier Plane dedications (CVPs) included in Ships in Flames (414 CVPiF aircraft).

Feel free to forward these spreadsheets to anyone who may be interested.

The extensively researched notes in the aircraft dedications s/s in particular are informative,wide-ranging,, and even occasionally humorous (if you can't laugh about WWII, what can you laugh about?).

If you are interested in WWII aircraft it may be worth a read irrespective of whether you are a gamer or not. If you are a World in Flames player it tells you every aircraft included in the Collector's edition of the game.

The full spreadsheet includes all the specifications, formulas for values and the most detailed production numbers (down to each mark) ever in one document. After publication of the Collector's edition, I will also publish these documents and we can discuss the formula that accurately describes the optimal aircraft.


Ship de Jour - August 21 2017

Today's final ship de jour (3 x actual size) is of course well known to us all, a large fast, well armed well-equipped long range aircraft carrier that needs no introduction, the USS CV-9 Essex (he says, introducing). Designed from interchangeable parts and assembly line techniques, a CV that would have taken 3 years to build by any other country, took only 18-22 months for the USA. And she turned out to be so handy the Navy built another 23 more just like her..

The Essex class carrier went on to great renown, never losing one in the class (although it was mighty close for the Franklin) and more than any other class won the Battle of the Pacific for the USA. Although the Ships in Flames version has already been dedicated to an immortal, the World in Flames Classic version (or 25 others, only 23 Admiral King?, what a loser!) is still available for your immortality now.*

For all available planes and ships, pls download the dedication spreadsheets above.

* ~ check the details of becoming immortal, and pls note the ship itself remains the CV-Essex, but you or a loved one's names or initials will be placed on the ship itself along the stern.


World Cup Tournament Football Game



7 Ages (updated 1 Sep 2023)

7 Ages rules, charts and play aids pack

7 Ages French language pack

7 Ages German language pack

 7 Ages Collector's Edition Final Draft Rules & Players' Guide PDF (1 Sep 2023)


World in Flames World (updated 9 Jun 2019)

World in Flames7 games and kits components list

World in Flames Game series Terrain Effects chart (for use with America in Flames and Patton in Flames)

America in Flames rules and set up pack

Days of Decision III rules, set up and charts pack (9 Jun 2019)

Patton in Flames rules and set up pack

World in Flames7 Rules and set ups

World in Flames7 Combat charts

World in Flames7 Production Circle