Please find below rules, charts, set ups, examples of play, play aids etc for many of our games. If you have some you would like to add please drop me a line via our contacts page.

Note that many of these files are zipped and all are in Word, XL, Acrobat reader, jpeg or png format.


 World in Flames Overview

World in Flames Collector's edition Contents description (updated 31 July)

World in Flames advance order price list (word)

World in Flames advance order price list (pdf)



Join the Immortals (updated 19 August)

D(edication) Day -1: The Atlantic Printing Wall is looming

Only 1 day to blast off! Battlestations! Battlestations! BAM! BAM! BAM!

While playing history, now you can make it.

Last few days to become immortal. IHow can I possibly sink you with the overwhelming firepower of the HMAS Sir Hazzles

or shoot you down with my mighty HGR Boomerang

if you're not even in the game?!?

Immortal Dedication details here

 All dedications provide an Australian $50 cashback on one purchase of a new WiF Deluxe game by the dedicatee irrespective of when or from whom, they buy it.


As a final thank you for all those first class WiFFers who have already ordered a World in Flames SuperDeluxe games set and got an immortal dedication, you are now all eligible for a second free immortal dedication, just please send me a second email to

This also applies to all future WiF Super Deluxe purchasers up to submitting the counters to the printers on the 20th August (you too will get two dedications, not one).


Ship & Aircraft Dedications (updated 19 August 2017)

The following files show all the aircraft and ships portrayed in the World in Flames Collector's edition game. Please download them to assist you in deciding which plane or ship you would like dedicated to you (see News for further info).

(3 x actual size)

The latest immortals have now been added to the records (thank you all for your wonderful support) and more of the units are starting to sell out (all the good stuff first like the HMAS Canberra, natch).

The files below have all been updated with all the latest immortals. If I have missed you (or you want a different moniker for your ship or plane) or you have ordered but not put in a request for a ship or plane yet, pls give me a hoy at

World in Flames Collector's edition Aircraft dedications (302 WiF aircraft and 546 PiF aircraft)

World in Flames Collector's edition Capital ship (CV, BB, BC, CA, M and the Queens) dedications (190 WiF ships and 543 SiF ships).


(3 x actual size)

World in Flames Collector's edition light ship (CL & CX) dedications (69 WiF ships and 258 SiF ships).

Carrier Plane dedications (CVPs) included in Ships in Flames (414 CVPiF aircraft).

Feel free to forward these spreadsheets to anyone who may be interested.

The extensively researched notes in the aircraft dedications s/s in particular are informative,wide-ranging,, and even occasionally humorous (if you can't laugh about WWII, what can you laugh about?).

If you are interested in WWII aircraft it may be worth a read irrespective of whether you are a gamer or not. If you are a World in Flames player it tells you every aircraft included in the Collector's edition of the game.

The full spreadsheet includes all the specifications, formulas for values and the most detailed production numbers (down to each mark) ever in one document. After publication of the Collector's edition, I will also publish these documents and we can discuss the formula that accurately describes the optimal aircraft.


Plane de Jour - August 17

Today's funny (3 x actual size) from the very optimistic imagination of the late war German scientists included in the Planes in Flames Collector's edition expansion actually has some method in its madness. What it lacks in aerodynamics it more than compensates in its all round vision which would make it a very effective ground attack aircraft particularly with the  firepower available to the Luftwaffe in 1945.

We have included both the A and B model in the Collector's edition of World in Flames, the main difference of the B model is the Jumo engine placed between the pilot and the fuselage.

Although never built before Blohm and Voss's hostile foreign takeover on 8 May 1945, with bombs, 30mm canon and potentially rockets, this little monster may have been a very effective replacement for the Stuka. The BV-237 is ready for your immortality now.*

For all available planes and ships, pls download the dedication spreadsheets above.

* ~ check the details of becoming immortal, and pls note the ship itself remains the BV-237, but you or a loved one's names or initials will be placed on the aircraft itself (if initials, placed either side of the national markings).


Latest World in Flames Collector's Edition tasting 31 July 2017

La Gloire

Rule Britannia


Drang Nach Osten!

Task Force Display

Western Europe in Flames (updated 31 July) (where have the brains gone?)


 World in Flames Collector's Edition Orders of Battle (updated 4 August)

WiFCE Classic OOB (CS 1-6, 24 & 46, 1600 counters)

WiFCE Planes in Flames OOB (CS 7-9, 600 counters)

WiFCE Ships in Flames OOB (CS 18-22 & 51-54, 1800 counters)

WiFCE Territories in Flames OOB (CS 47 & 48, 400 counters)

WIFCE Divisions in Flames OOB (CS 49 & 50, 400 counters)


World Cup Tournament Football Game



7 Ages

7 Ages rules, charts and play aids pack

7 Ages French language pack

7 Ages German language pack


World in Flames World

World in Flames7 games and kits components list

America in Flames rules and set up pack

Days of Decision III rules, set up and charts pack

Patton in Flames rules and set up pack

World in Flames7 Rules and set ups

World in Flames7 Combat charts

World in Flames7 Production Circle


World in Flames Collector's edition sneak peek

(updated 15 August)

Please note that all the contents of the World in Flames collector's edition are strictly draft and may well change prior to release (expected October 2017 at Eurowifcon and Spiel 2017).

WiF Collector's edition rules 15 Aug 2017 (lunchtimish)

WiF Collector's edition rules and set ups pack

WiF Collector's edition combat charts pack

WiF Collector's edition turn record chart (and options manifest)

WiF Collector's edition maps (draft 67.5 dpi)