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Updated: 12 Dec 2019

Note: Please ensure you include your email in your post if you would like potential partners and opponents to contact you.

Now that we are getting the old band back together by the release of the world’s most amazing boardgame and the excitement that is generating amongst the wif community, now’s a good time as any to set up an opponent’s wanted blog where you can leave your name and email (and city if you want) so that others can contact you about starting a game near you.

The official World in Flames Collector’s edition Vassal module is now available so you don't need to just limit to your geographical region.

Please post below if you are interested in a game. You may be surprised how close the nearest wiffer is.

We also have our official adg facebook page, two World in Flames conventions each year (one in the USA, one in Germany) as well as other facebook communities and the iodiscussion group which are all available on our links page.

For those interested in finding 7 Ages opponents, feel free to also put your details in the comments below but please mention that you are interested in 7 Ages, rather than World in Flames.

Thanks for your awesome support for our games.