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While playing history, now you can make it.

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Immortal Dedication - Australian$99

Immortal 3 pack - Australian$199

World in Flames collector's edition superdeluxe game set includes over a thousand $ worth of World in Flames (including the Collector's Edition Deluxe Game) and also includes 2 free immortal dedications.

D(edication) Day: Storming the Beaches!

WiF Immortality closed this lifetime.


They say you die 3 times, once when you die, once when you are buried and once when your name is no longer spoken.

In a thousand years time when the aliens are fossicking through the rubble of our civilisation they will come across a glass museum case strangely unbroken with a slightly tarnished box inside containing the world's largest and most complex hard mounted publicly published boardgame with a plaque reading "Exemplary example of a historical boardgame, circa 2000 CE".

And when they open the box and look at all the little squiggles, I'm fairly positive that they are going to say in a very husky alpha centauran accent "Harry Rowland".

(6 x actual size)

But maybe I'm wrong and it will be your name instead.

When we send World in Flames to the printers you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to become immortalised forever in your favourite game by having one of the 848 individually and beautifully crafted aircraft, 414 carrier planes and/or 1060 CVs, BBs, CAs, CXs and CLs included in the international smash hit World War II game World in Flames: the Collector's edition.

(4 x actual size)

To become immortalised and commemorated on your favourite 5 planes and/or ships, check out the four Dedications spreadsheets in our downloads section, place an order and in the special instructions for your order (check out your cart, or via email to me at adg@spitfire.com.au) detail the priority list of your top 10 ships or planes that you would like to be considered for your immortality and I will choose the highest 5 still available (first in best dressed).

If I can't give you all 5 in your priority list I will give you a hoy for some more suggestions.

(6 x actual size)

WARNING: Buying a dedication does not buy you the World in Flames game itself. However each person dedicated will receive Australian$50 cashback on one purchase of World in Flames Deluxe Collector's edition game when it becomes available (expected to commence advance orders August 20 2017). For example you buy an Immortal Dedication 3 pack and dedicate it to you and two friends each of you will be eligible for Australian$50 cashback.

If you buy an Immortal Dedication 5 pack you will receive Australian$100 cash back off your first purchase of a World in Flames Deluxe Collector's edition game and each person you dedicate it to will also receive a $50 cashback from their first purchase of a World in Flames Deluxe Collector's edition game. Thus if you were to buy a Dedication 5 pack and dedicated it to yourself and 4 friends, and you all buy a Deluxe game you would between the 5 of you receive a total cashback of Australian $300 (Aus$100 + 4 x Aus$50) and the dedications have paid for themselves.  


For further info check out our Join the Immortals blog and welcome to the elite band of World in Flames immortals.


How am I possibly going to sink you with the HMAS Sir Hazzles

(6 x actual size)

or shoot you down with my mighty HGR Boomerang

(3 x actual size)

if you're not even in the game?!?