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World in Flames Collector's edition update Posted on 15 Apr 12:10 , 6 comments

World in Flames Collector's edition Update 2 May 2018

All World in Flames Collector's edition advance order games have now been shipped to Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. If you live in one of those locations you should receive your game by the end of the week.

Games to the Americas and Asia are now being shipped out at a furious pace by Mark, our US agent but they might not arrive until the end of next week.

If your game does not arrive by the appropriate time please contact your local agent.

Next the dreaded errata to the game can now be found in the downloads page of this site. My hopes for the errata free game are dashed, but hopefully it won't become a large document.

Thank you for your support for our games and I hope you enjoy your next campaign.

World in Flames Collector's edition Update 23 April 2018

I have just now closed the Advance order discount price for the World in Flame's Collector's edition game series and the game is now available for general release (distributor and retailer enquiries welcome).

I'd like to thank all the many hundreds of customers who have trusted us with producing a game that will satisfy your requirement for the highest quality gaming experience. I'm honoured by your trust.

The games are now being shipped out. The first huge batch is leaving our European agent on Tuesday while the first Australasian games have already gone out today (in chronological order the immortals getting their games first). The games for the Americas are going through customs in  the USA and they should hopefully start shipping out later this week.

To repay  the support of all Gold (Classic), Platinum (Deluxe) and first class (Superdeluxe) advance order members who have ordered either on this site or via kickstarter, if you or a friend of yours (if they've been very good!) would like another copy of the game to play or collect, you will receive the advance order discount price for a year after release (end April 2019 or until we sell out).

To take up this offer, simply place a note with your order saying you are a  WiF member and giving your original order (or KS) number and I will ensure the game is processed at the advance order price (Australian$149 for Classic, $299 for Deluxe and $599 for Superdeluxe plus freight). Ignore the price that shoppify says you will pay, I process all the orders myself and I will ensure you get the discount.

Thanks again for your amazing support and I look forward to hearing what you think of the 34 years effort that has gone into the game and the quality of the printing (which in my eyes is the best ever!).

World in Flames Collector's edition Update 13 April 2018

The first World in Flames game ever unboxed by Ben our European agent (filmed by his wife and WiF artist Evelyn).

and now the moment of truth

Update 12 April 2018

first photos of the game from Benedikt (our first customer to get his game).

Can't wait for my copy.

Update 28 March 2018

Latest from the front:

Look at the size of those games! And if you have bought the World in Flames Deluxe, each box is full to the brim (almost, a little space is left to keep the counters in the box after being punched out).

First games out the door in the next 18 hours or so. Advance order discount ends April 15 (should be shortly after the first games arrive at your door provided you order in the next couple of days).

Thanks for your patience and your support for our games.

Update 26 March 2018

The World in Flames Collector's edition games are all boxed and now being palletted. Shippers are ready and first shipment scheduled (for Australia) on Wednesday. They then go to our agents in Germany, the USA and Australia and then on-shipped to you. Thus you should get your game in your postbox in the next two or three weeks (Germany probably earlier).

If your address has changed since your order please contact your local agent at

Americas: Mark <>

Europe & Africa: Ben <>

Asia & Pacific Belinda <>

Thank you for your patience and trust in our game, our journey has almost arrived.

Update 20 March 2018

Our printers have just informed us that they are now into final assembly and boxing of the games (all kits and rules, counters and map sets already packed) and getting them ready for shipment.

The first shipment (10% to Australia airfreight for the Asian market) is expected to be ready by friday while the games and kits to Europe, Africa and the Americas should be ready to be shipped off next week.

Update 10 March 2018:

Battlestations! Battlestations! BAM! BAM! BAM!

We finally have very good news, EFKO, our Czech printers have just informed us that they will have the first copies of the Collector's edition of World in Flames starting Monday 19th March at the rate of approximately 300 a day (10 days all up to assemble all the games and kits).

We don't quite know the order of production at this stage but the first games released will be delivered to our advance order customers first, both those who order on this website and via our kickstarter campaign.

We are looking for the first few days shipment to go to the furthest destinations, the USA and Australia, and then the next few day's production to Europe (its like OKW doling out the panzers). Thus hopefully by the end of march all our agents around the world will have the games and we shall then onsend them to you.

The advance order discount on the Collector's edition of World in Flames will end at the end of March.

The other news is that the game is very heavy. The deluxe game is expected to weigh about 5.75 kg (12.7 lb), three times heavier than the current edition.

Very sorry for the delay (not the weight, we knew it was never going to be an air box) but our wait is almost over.

Update 29 November 2017:

The World in Flames Collector’s Edition game is being printed now. Unfortunately our printers are not quite as nimble as planned and they have just informed us that with their Christmas break (2 weeks off) the game is unlikely to be finished before mid-January.  They are now working flat out and there is still a chance of release before Christmas. I will post further updates as I receive them.

I'm very sorry for the delay. I'm still working very hard to get the game to you as soon as possible and having proofed the components I firmly believe the game will be worth the wait.

Update 14 July 2017: Still working furiously on the graphical aspects of the components (the values themselves are more or less set now).

If you check out the downloads page you will find some medium res counters, maps and charts showing the kind of love, care and attention going into the production of this game.

To fill you in what is happening. Before we send the counters off to the printers we will publish in our downloads section two s/s, one containing all the ships in WIF and SiF and the other with all the planes in WiF and PiF. They will include a column which allows us to dedicate the planes and ships to individual gamers.

This will be done sometime next week, a couple of days before we open up here on our website advance ordering ONLY for the WiF Superdeluxe package. The other 9 WiF products will be open for sale (along with the superdeluxe) on our crowdfunding site when we commence that (planned for August).

This does three things, first we can send you all the non WiF Deluxe products now, clearing the decks for our sales staff to just deal with the WiF Deluxe when it is printed.

Secondly we are working on and nearly finished the Vassal version of the Collector's edition and will send that to all WIF Super Deluxe orderers as soon as it is ready which means you will be able to play the Collector's edition even prior to release of the printed game.

Most importantly it gives me the time to put in your names progressively rather than all at the last minute before printing.

To ensure you get your name on a ship (very tiny about 0.4 pt) or initials or name on a plane (initials clearly visible at about 2.6 pt) you need to download the s/s (when its available), check which plane or ship you want (remembering that we go into enormous detail and each plane is individual so telling us you want a Bf-109G is not much help), ensuring its still available (check the Dedication column), make an order, and send me an email to with your top 5 choices to ensure you get what you want and the exact wording you want (not too long unless you want it to be incredibly tiny).

Its first in (having done both) best dressed, and then I will put the names on the ship or plane and send you a confirmatory email (or a request for another 5 if your five are all taken). I'll then endeavour to update the s/s everyday with the Dedication column updated  so you know which ones are still available.

Then when all the names are on the ships and planes we will send you a blowup of the countersheet with your chosen moniker and when we publish our Handbook of Aircraft and Naval Unit Technical Data we will include the dedications full name so there is a permanent record.

I hope particularly some of the original two thousand WIF1ers take advantage of this offer (hopefully some are still alive!). You guys I owe the greatest debt too, as it was your faith 32 years ago that still sees us here today. If you are a WIF1er (which includes the 2nd edition rulebook) pls tell me in your email and I will put the dedication in gold (you are truly Le grogneur des grinçants).

The other products will be launched with our crowdfunding campaign and we will provide info to you as it becomes available,

Thanks you very much for your long patience in this 32 year odyssey. We are almost there.

Update 29 Jun 2017: Just a quick update to say that we are still on course for an October release and we are looking to start a 30 day crowdfunding campaign (got any ideas on the best one for games?) by end of July or early august, both to broadcast its imminent release and to give us more exact numbers of how many of the different games and kit we end up printing.

As an added incentive to all purchasers of the Super Deluxe package who advance order before the counters go to the printers (expected mid August) can have their name, moniker or initials (yourself or someone you love) printed on your favourite aircraft or ship in the game. Note that the printing is very tiny (<2 pt) but we will send you a blowup of it so you can quite clearly see you're immortalised.  its only 1 name per ship or plane so its first in best dressed (note though that most of the planes and some of the ships have more than one manifestation, eg there is a WiF Bismarck and a SiF Bismarck).

Back to work!

Update 23 Feb 2017: I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the release of World in Flames: the Collector's edition will now be at Eurowifcon 2017 and Spiel 2017 both in Germany in October this year.

Now for the good news. While Cat and I were in Germany last October we had discussions with some of the biggest boardgame printers in the world. As a result of those discussions we are pleased to announce that World in Flames: the Collector's edition maps will be printed for the first time ever as hard-mounted map boards. With a total map-size of 840mm wide x 2.63 metres long, this will (unless I am very much mistaken) make World in Flames the largest ever hard-mounted map game published in history.

But wait, there's more! For the counters we are also going from knife cut (with all that nasty flash on each edge to deal with) to die cut that you just punch out with your fingers. And furthermore we intend to print them with beveled edges so all you gamers who meditate by clipping all four corners of thousands of counter edges before you play will have to find some other form of serenity (sorry about that Robin!).

And there is a bunch of other stuff we have decided to do too like make both the rulebook and scenario books full colour with heaps of full-colour examples. In producing the aircraft for Planes in Flames (including over 50 new models)  we have amassed the most detailed accumulation of ship and aircraft technical and production data that has ever been collated and are considering publishing a hard cover academic World in Flames Handbook of combat aircraft and naval unit technical & production data  (this would normally be a full-time project in its own right and I won't be holding up the publication of the Collector's edition if simultaneous publication is not possible).

All this requires not only the physical production of counters, maps, rules and charts etc but also the manipulation of them so they fit into the printer's specifications. What we are attempting has not been done before and wasn't actually possible in the recent past at least if you wanted an acceptable game to play on the scale of World in Flames. You will notice the seismic impact of this change in that World in Flames: the collector's edition in the new way it is being packaged as explained below.

All of this is going to take time. For example I have to manipulate the maps a bit so they abut each other as hard mounted maps rather than layering over each other as in all previous editions. Because the maps edges will fold over I have to move all edge city names, factories, ports etc a little bit in to the centre of each map to allow a bit of leeway in printing.

So please accept my humble apologies for the length of time this is taking to complete but I hope it reinforces the fact that the Collector's edition is definitely it! I have other projects I want to finish before I get too drifty to remember what they are.

But my sole goal now is when you open your copy of World in Flames: the collector's edition, you will agree it is the best, most beautiful and most accurate strategic game of World War II you have ever played.

I want this to be the game you will to your grandchildren. More than that I want your grandchildren to fight over it and not speak to each other at Christmas if they don't get it. Anything less than this is abject failure!

You will also be glad to hear that we now have (proposed, based on current quotes from printers, prices will be finalised and fixed prior to taking first orders) prices for the game (excluding freight, taxes and charges)

Collector Edition Games

World in Flames Classic - Australian (Aus) $199

World in Flames Deluxe - Aus $399

World in Flames Super Deluxe- Aus $799 (will be less if it doesn't include the hard-cover World in Flames Handbook of WWII combat aircraft & naval units).

To reward you for your support for ADG and our games, in May or June we will set up an advance order system where if you order before its release you will receive a 25% discount on each of the above products, i.e. 

Collector Edition Games

World in Flames Classic - Aus $149

World in Flames Deluxe - Aus $299

World in Flames Super Deluxe- Aus $599 (which is pretty cheap for 4 games, 2 magazines, a hardcover book of technical data, 7 expansions, 15 maps and 9240 counters and a couple of pages of rules).

I will announce on our website when we are ready to start taking pre-orders. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in our games and I'll get back to slaving over a hot Stuka and wonder what fantasy numbers, sorry I mean detailed specifications, I can come up with for the Super-Lorin (that original Lorin was just rubbish!).


Harry Rowland



Original post July 2016 (revised to include new information disclosed above)

When World in Flames was first released in 1985 I had no idea we'd still be beavering away at it 32 years later.

The first edition took 2 years to produce. The collector's edition has so far taken 10 years. It synthesises approximately 9 million person hours of gaming experience (and that's based on the estimate that each of our 60,000 customers have only played it once, and even then only against other customers so I suspect that is a substantial underestimate) to bring you (in October 2017) the definitive strategic game of world war II. 

The collector's edition provides new maps, new counters, streamlined, simplified and clarified full-colour rules, new scenarios, new options, new countries and new strategies.

The maps have moved away from mercator and conic projections to equal area projections. No 2D representation of a 3D world can be accurate but some are more appropriate than others. The problem with equal area projections is they tend to draw inwards areas close to the globe. To handle that we use the map breaks to ensure that if the cities can't go to the map edges the map edges can come to the cities. This gives the maps themselves a pleasing and intuitive globe look themselves (as you can see from the Asia map attached to this blog).

The counters have all been updated and revised as necessary. An extra countersheet has been added so all standard corps are now included in the Classic set. The carriers now show a top view as the dive bombers would have seen it just as they were releasing their bombs and all submarines are now individualised by class which affects their performance characteristics. More entry markers are available so you shouldn't run out now and everyone now has their own offensive points they can buy and spend.

The rules themselves have been thoroughly overhauled to make any FAQ superfluous. We have spent the last 7 years simplifying, streamlining and standardising the rules as much as possible with many more examples to make play of the game as smooth as possible.

There will also be 2 new expansions, Territories in Flames which replaces Africa Aflame and Divisions in Flames which replaces Asia Aflame & Mech in Flames. The basis of the collector's edition is that if you want one unit or marker type, you only need to go to one kit. Thus if you want divisions and artillery, all of them for all WiF games (including Patton in Flames and America in Flames) will be included in Divisions in Flames.

Finally we have added several new campaigns and scenarios including America in Flames, Patton in Flames and Days of Decision campaigns that now use all the counters from all the expansions (e.g. adding Ships in Flames to America in Flames).

It has taken 9 further years but at last we hope to achieve our 31 year endeavour to make World in Flames the Collector's edition the greatest gaming experience of your life.

*****************  .

The World in Flames Collector’s edition world comes in one of ten flavours:

  • World in Flames Rules Set;
  • World in Flames Map Set;
  • World in Flames Classic Counters Set;
  • World in Flames Classic Collector’s game;
  • Planes in Flames expansion;
  • Ships in Flames expansion;
  • Divisions in Flames expansion;
  • Territories in Flames expansion;
  • World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s game; and
  • World in Flames Super Deluxe Collector’s game set.

The World in Flames Rules set consists of:

  • this rule book (incl. 2 x A4 builds charts);
  • The Campaign & Players’ Guide (sections 24-30 of the rules including scenario and campaign set ups); and
  • 3 x A3 full-colour game charts.

The World in Flames Map set consists of:

  • 4 large (574 x 820mm) hard-mounted full-colour maps covering most of the world (West Europe & Africa, East Europe & the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific);
  • One 297 x 420 mm hard-mounted full-colour mini-map of America; and
  • One 297 x 420 mm hard-mounted full colour Turn record chart.

The World in Flames Classic Counters set consists of 1600 (12.7 x 12.7 mm) counters representing the armies, navies and air forces of World War II (countersheets 1-6, 24 & 46);

The World in Flames Classic Collector’s edition game consists of the:

  • World in Flames Rules set;
  • World in Flames map set;
  • World in Flames Classic counters set;
  • box & 2 ten-sided dice.

Everything you need to play the game.

Planes in Flames adds 600 counters representing all the combat aircraft that fought before during and after WW II including many new and late-war aircraft and capabilities that fully integrates Planes in Flames with all World in Flames games (AiF, DoD, PatiF & WiF, countersheets 7-9);

Ships in Flames comprises:

  • 1800 counters representing all the aircraft carrier, battleships cruisers, subs, transports, amphibs and carrier planes before, during and after WW II (CS 18-22, 36 & 51-53); and
  • one 297 x 420 mm full-colour Task Force display.

Divisions in Flames adds 400 counters representing all the independent divisions that fought during WW II (including special forces and elite divisions as well as Guards Banne Armies and their divisions, countersheets 49 and 50);

Territories in Flames adds 400 counters representing all the special corps and armies created during WWII from Territorials to Siberians, to city based volunteers, warlords and even the potential creation of the Ukraine (countersheets 47 and 48).

The World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s edition game consists of:

  • the World in Flames Classic Collector’s game;
  • Planes in Flames;
  • Ships in Flames;
  • Divisions in Flames; and
  • Territories in Flames;

for a total of 5 maps and 4800 counters.

The World in Flames Super Deluxe Collector’s game set* consists of the:

  • World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s edition game;
  • America in Flames game (CS 26-28);
  • Days of Decision III game (2 x CS 13 & 3 x CS17);
  • Patton in Flames game (CS 31-35);
  • Africa map (full-colour 514 x 534 mm paper map);
  • Scandinavian map (full-colour 330 x 197 mm paper map);
  • Khaki in Flames (CS 40-45) kit; and
  • hard cover WWII Handbook of Combat Aircraft & Naval units (to be confirmed); and
  • most recent 2 Annuals (currently CS 30~Politics in Flames & CS 39~Factories in Flames);

for a total of 1 book, 2 magazines, 4 games, 7 expansions, 15 maps and 9240 counters (and a couple of pages of rules:)!


* ~ Please note that only the World in Flames Deluxe Collector’s edition game and WWII Handbook of Combat Aircraft & Naval units are being printed. The rest of the superdeluxe package includes the current version of the magazines, games and expansions. 

World in Flames Collector's edition primer Posted on 27 Sep 07:21 , 0 comments

World in Flames is a comprehensive game of World War II with many rules but each rule is fairly simple and many of them are optional and can be safely ignored when you first play. Many people have asked for a short primer so here’s my fist stab (feel free to comment).

World in Flames: collector’s edition primer

You are one of the world’s leaders running one or more major powers throughout world war II. You control their military, industrial and diplomatic capabilities to slow down the offensives of your enemies and commence a few of your own.

Each turn (36 maximum for the Global war campaign) is 2 months long and the sequence of play for each turn is as follows (with explanations as necessary).

Sequence of play

The sequence of play in a turn is:

A. REINFORCEMENT STAGE – Place your reinforcing units in cities in your home country

B. LENDING RESOURCES STAGE – publicly state how many resources and build points you plan to give to which of your allies during this turn’s production step (see E5 below)

C. INITIATIVE STAGE – roll to see who will decide who goes first this turn

D. ACTION STAGE - the guts of the game

Repeat D1 through D3 until the action stage ends.

D1 Determine weather – roll a die which tells you what the weather is in each of the 6 weather zones this impulse

D2 First side’s impulse Every major power on the first side performs these steps:

D2.1 Declare war – and call allies into the war if you satisfy the pre-requisites

D2.2 Choose action Choose either a pass, naval, air, land or combined action.

D2.3 Perform actions

The major powers that didn’t pass perform these steps in this order (their action choice will limit what they can do ~ see action limits table):

(a) Port attacks

(b) Naval air missions

(c) Naval movement

(d) Your naval combat

(e) Opponent’s naval combat

(f) Strategic bombardment

(g) Ground strike missions

(h) Rail movement

(i) Land movement

(j) Air transport

(k) Debark land units at sea

(l) Invasions

(m) Paradrops

(n) Land combat

(o) Air rebases

(p) Reorganisation

D2.4 End of action

Roll to end the action stage. If it doesn’t end, advance the impulse marker the number of spaces shown on the weather chart for the current weather roll. If it ends, move on to stage E - the end of turn.

D3 Second side’s impulse If the action stage didn’t end, repeat the steps in D2 for the second side. If the action stage doesn’t end after the second side’s impulse, go back to D1.


Both sides perform these steps in this order:

E1 Partisans – roll to see which countries will get partisans this turn

E2 Entry markers and US entry – major power with neutrality pacts choose entry markers to place on their common borders and the US receives entry markers that allow her to choose US entry options (eg production increases or sanctions against asix powers) and eventually declare war

E3 Return to base

E4 Final reorganisation – turn all units face up

E5 Production – build stuff

E6 Intelligence (KiF option 41) – earn intelligence points that allows you to change future results

E7 Peace – surrender, liberate or conquer other countries

E8 Facility, factory & oil destruction (option 32 & 33)

E9 Victory check – see if you have won the game. If you haven’t, and it's not the last turn, move the turn marker on and start the next turn.


See easy huh?

Basically everyone does a few things together at the start, notably the very fun step of putting all your brand new reinforcements due to arrive this turn, that you have built with your latest technology, inside your country ready to hurl at the enemy this turn. Then you state how many build points you plan to give to your allies this turn. This is like your stake in a game of poker, if you don’t get them through (most likely because enemy surface, air or sub units have cut your convoy lines) then you can’t use them yourself.

Then comes a very important die-roll, the roll for initiative. Whoever rolls the (modified) higher die decides who will go first this turn. This allows you to set up the dreaded double turn (you get to move last in the last turn then first in this). At the right time this can rip a front wide open and you want to maneuver the initiative track to set you up to give you the maximum manipulation ability on the turn it matters and if you have to lose the initiative do so when it doesn’t.

Now we get to the guts of the game. Each turn is divided into a number of impulses where its straight Hugo-Igo until the end of the turn. Whoever is going first rolls for weather this impulse (it’s the same for both sides), decides if they want to declare war on another country (or countries) and then call in allies if you satisfy the prerequisites to do so.

Next each major power on your side must choose an action type for this impulse; a land that allows unlimited land moves and combats, an air which allows unlimited air missions or a naval which, unsurprisingly, allows unlimited naval missions. Or you can instead choose a combined action which allows you to do a little bit of everything.

Then you move your units and fight your battles. This is fairly interactive as your opponents can attempt to intercept your naval moves and fly air missions in response to your moves and attacks.

After you have moved your units and resolved all your combats you roll for the end of the turn. The first couple of impulses its not possible at all but the chance increases each impulse till it can become inevitable (the top chance is 8 out of 10 thus theoretically the game might never end but as you subtract 2 when everyone on a side passes you can guarantee it will end late in the turn by sacrificing your last go).

If it doesn’t end it’s the other side’s go to choose an action type and move and fight with their eligible units. The impact of this is that you can never be certain when the turn will end or who will end it. You must always plan with the fog of war in mind and maximise your moves based on the most likely number of impulses there will be before the turn ends. Most importantly, whenever possible always move with the thought in mind that your opponent’s may get the next two impulses in a row (the last one of this turn and the first one of the next). If its reasonably early in the turn and you have high initiative then its unlikely but you can never tell for sure.

When the action stage ends then everyone does the end of turn stuff. Roll for partisans, work out the entry markers for the US and any countries in a non-aggression pact (eg Germany and the Soviet Union from 1 September 1939), then return ships to base (during which they can be again intercepted) or move them down a sea box, and then final reorganisation (turn all face-down units face-up).

Then you do your production (each resource that gets to each of your factories gives you 1 production point which is multiplied by a variable that increases over time as your factories become more efficient at building things). All the units have the costs and time on the back. Build what you want (within gearing limits if playing with that option) and put them on the production circle the number of turns ahead as also stated on the back of each unit and marker.

At the start of each year new units are added to your force pools which represent all the stuff your boffins have learnt and applied to the latest model of tank, plane ship, artillery, truck or whatever. You can accelerate this by advance building but at a cost (must build out that type’s force pool and then pay double to buy one randomly from next year’s reinforcement).

Then comes the peace step where you work out if the political situation has changed and countries are conquered or liberated or agree to come to a mutual peace (often happens in a Soviet-Japanese conflict early in the war when the two combatants have other countries they need to worry about (Germany and the USA respectively) all of a sudden).

Next we have the facility destruction step where you can destroy your own factories or resources to hinder your enemies use of them and you believe they have good chance of getting to them next turn. Then finally the victory check step where you see if you have won an automatic victory (taking all of the major objectives). In the most likely case that no one has, you move the turn marker on and start the next turn.

As to victory, to win your side must get more objectives than the campaign states that side needs to win. But then the winning player is the player from that side who has got the most objectives more than the scenario reckons that player should get (modified by your bid at the start of the game to play that country).

Thus you want to help your allies just enough for your side to guarantee a win, but not so much that they do better than you. This tension between teamwork and greed gives the game the same diplomatic slippery slope that your real-life counterparts had to deal with and you must come up with ever more inventive reasons why you wish your dearly respected, admired and loved allies every success in their current and future endeavours, and can promise them all support short of help.

Good luck in your mission to protect your people, humble your foes (who are not only your allies don’t forget), and make your country the most glorious it can be.

Game opponents wanted! Posted on 22 Sep 20:08 , 42 comments


Updated: 12 Dec 2019

Note: Please ensure you include your email in your post if you would like potential partners and opponents to contact you.

Now that we are getting the old band back together by the release of the world’s most amazing boardgame and the excitement that is generating amongst the wif community, now’s a good time as any to set up an opponent’s wanted blog where you can leave your name and email (and city if you want) so that others can contact you about starting a game near you.

The official World in Flames Collector’s edition Vassal module is now available so you don't need to just limit to your geographical region.

Please post below if you are interested in a game. You may be surprised how close the nearest wiffer is.

We also have our official adg facebook page, two World in Flames conventions each year (one in the USA, one in Germany) as well as other facebook communities and the iodiscussion group which are all available on our links page.

For those interested in finding 7 Ages opponents, feel free to also put your details in the comments below but please mention that you are interested in 7 Ages, rather than World in Flames.

Thanks for your awesome support for our games.



Immortality not dead! Posted on 13 Sep 03:07 , 2 comments

Updated: 29 May 2018

Many WiFFers have contacted me about our Join the Immortals campaign  that preceded our Kickstarter campaign and are sorry they missed it. I wrote this at the time

WiF Immortality closed this lifetime.

But I'm not sure that's true anymore. Since the start of our kickstarter campaign we have had a large influx of orders to the World in Flames collector's edition superdeluxe games sets (that gives you first class WiF membership) such that we are now going to have to reprint America in Flames and Patton in Flames, two key parts of the Super Deluxe games set, within months, and Days of Decision perhaps in a year or so (maybe earlier depending on this offer).

The Patton in Flames maps are already hard printed for World in Flames so when we reprint we can easily add them. The America maps are stretch goal number 3 (which has been concertinaed to make more achievable) in our kickstarter campaign and the Days of Decision hard mounting the maps and individualising the cards with much better graphics is stretch goal number 4 (again concertinaed to just its last goal).

But regardless of whether the stretch goals are achieved or not, when we reprint the America in Flames, Patton in Flames and Days of Decision counters we will do so with die cut counters.

And that's where the opportunity for immortality comes in. As we have to reprint each game in the World in Flames series we will invite all first class World in Flames collector's edition SuperDeluxe games set members (in superdeluxe pledge order) who have ordered their CE Superdeluxe games set either on our kickstarter site or this site after 2nd September 2017 (all first class members before this date are already immortal in the Collector's edition) to submit up to 5 ship or aircraft names in the same manner as the Join the immortals campaign except there will only be 1 dedication not 2 (your highest choice that is free), and it won't be available as a separate product anymore.

You can opt to not be in the first game being printed and reserve your spot for the next game, and based on the reception of World in Flames Collector's edition, one of the games we will most likely be printing is the Collector's edition itself. ADG's site will tell you how close we are to reprinting. We are scheduled to print 3000 Collector's edition games but in the past even when we sold 5000 copies a year we didn't have a reaction like this so re-printing might be sooner rather than later.

As well as owning an aircraft or ship (your choice), when reprinted, if its a ship or aircraft from America in Flames or Patton in Flames you will receive the entire reprinted countersheet set for that game free of charge, free delivery. So you can play your next game with the latest die cut counters (and why you can safely order these games now, play now and still have the same components as the new games when the games are re-printed).

If its for a World in Flames Collector's edition counter, you will receive the countersheet with your name on it (or dedicated to another if you like, many of the 250+ current immortals dedicated their plane or ship to their parents or grandparents and got the ship  their ancestor sailed or aircraft they flied in). As the counters will just be a direct reprint of the soon to be printed Collector's edition (apart from the crucial difference of your immortal dedication) you don't need the whole set to add your counter to your game.

There is nothing you need do at this stage. This won't cost you a penny, if we don't sell out it won't become an option. Just keep an eye on our website after the release of the Collector's edition and we will contact you when we it is time for you to decide if this is your moment for immortality. We will have the dedication spreadsheets for the new games posted on the downloads section before each Immortal campaign in the same manner as for the last Join the immortals campaign.

Also to allay the fears of our current immortals, needless to add (one would hope) you're not very immortal if I was to scrub your name off next print run, now are you? If you get a counter dedicated to you or a loved one, you are immortal for life (mine or yours whoever lasts longest). This applies to all current and future immortals. The current dedications on our website show which units have been dedicated permanently.

This deal also applies to everyone who has bought a World in Flames Superdeluxe games set from ADG since the join the immortals campaign ceased on August 20 and have not already received a dedication.

And as a final benefit if you have bought a World in Flames superdeluxe from ADG in the last 2 years backdated to the start of the ks campaign (i.e. 3 September 2015) and become a Platinum member by pledging a World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game, you receive a free upgrade to First class membership giving you all benefits (including this one, and see our Kickstarter FAQ for the other 11).

I want to thank you and all 60,000 wiffers over the 32 years of this marathon journey for your fantastic support. By becoming a First class World in Flames Superdeluxe member you could not support me anymore than you already have. I hope this opportunity for free counters, a free map (Scandinavia, see ks FAQ 14) and immortality can repay you for your enormous support in some small way.


Harry Rowland


Hostage photos! (updated 28 March 2018) Posted on 22 Jul 11:34 , 3 comments

While playing history, now you can make it.

As you know are now live with our advance order launch of the World in Flames collector's edition Super Deluxe games set.which already includes 2 free immortal dedications.

Remember all Dedications attract an Australian $50 cashback on any new WiF Collector's edition Deluxe game purchase.


This is an open thread for all questions and to put up the hostage photos. To kick off here's one from Eric, our international manager

Sorry Eric, close but no cigar (besides, where's the hostage, and I'm not referring to our stock?).


Updare 31 July 2017: All current dedications are now available for download in our downloads section (funnily enough).

Russel N, replied to your query but the email kept bouncing (apparently your server doesn't like Telstra, our largest telecommunications network, but its not alone).

To answer your question, yes the Collector's edition of Ships in Flames now incorporates Cruisers in Flames, Convoys in Flames and Carrier Planes in Flames. I have updated the Collector's edition contents description in our download section to reflect this fact.


Update 5th August:

We have a new contender

Kevin Bernatz (

I wondered who had bought those first 60,000 copies of World in Flames!

Any advance on Second edition?


Update 16 August 2017:

Oh the hostage photos are being smuggled out thick and fast now. First we have Brian Habel

although we appear to be just a little late for poor Brian. Still we gave him $25 off because at worst the Axe is second edition.

And then here we come, one of the original Old Guard, a 1985 WiFFer who hasn't aged a bit!

Although we are not entirely sure if that is the hostage Stephen Carr or his hostage taker. Well done Stephen, just reduced your order by Australian$50.

And welcome to the immortals, can't wait to shoot you down with my plucky little Boomerang and blowing you out of the water with the GLORIOUS HMAS Sir Hazzles (formerly known as HMAS Canberra).


Stop Press:, if you look very closely at Brian's photo, those countersheets are clearly first edition, not second, so I have just bunged another Australian$25 into your account Brian (as if that was a second edition axe!).

That's two out of 2000 first edition WIF Grognards down, 1998 to go!


Update 20 August: Ever more 1st edition owners are coming forward to be immortalised in World in Flames which you can find embossed in gold in the downloads section of our site.

But the highlight of the recent crop has to be Kevin Hoyt

who obviously found he could win with only half the Germans and Japanese.

Still time to get your immortal orders and hostage photos in.


 And another 1st edition immortal, Tom Cleaveland, staggers forward from the heat of battle.


and a whole clan of immortals, Charles Loxton, Clinton Stewart and Colin Cunningham, deep in their lair in Melbourne

but none are so shell shocked as this, one-too many battle, veteran

But its cool, we've contacted the family and plan to put a plaque in place on the tomb of the undnown (WiF) soldier.

Aah the memories...Eurowifcon 2016 Posted on 16 May 19:53 , 4 comments

Ahhh the memories......


 <3  Cat

Latest from the front Posted on 1 Nov 10:48 , 3 comments

Here is a different perspective of the war as seen from Chanel Stevens-san, a completely unbiased, objective and honest account of the horrors of war (the non-drinking bits).

The Last Supper Posted on 21 Oct 21:47 , 2 comments

 Day 10 - Dateline: Hofgeismar

So at last, Euro WiFcon 2016 is over.  After hours upon hours of dice rolling, strategising, plotting and cursing the enemy, it is time for The Last Supper.

I must admit to being relieved to find all the gamers still alive and relatively healthy. WiFcons in Hofgeismar have a habit of casting strange spells on the players to ensure they never leave, doomed for eternity to rolling dice in hope of that elusive 20.


So as we file into the last supper, the Creator takes his place at the head of the table.  Looking at him, it's hard to ascertain whether he is a benevolent Creator, or an Old Testament wrath and fury type.  What do you all think? Comments please.


Or maybe not?

What I do know for sure about him though, is that he speaks in a peculiar war gamers dialect.  We had visited Prague together before arriving at Hofgeismar, and when I asked him how far to the German border, he replied "One and a half hexes". Ok, glad we sorted that out...

Now it's time for a shout out to the guys who've been at WiFcon from the beginning, which is now 20 years ago. Let's start with Harold.

Harold is responsible for starting the original EuroWiFcon 19 years ago this week (this being the 20th convention). Initially it was only because he was being bugged by a bunch of Vikings who wanted to play this (sort of) new game World in Flames. So he hired a scout hall where they ate, played, drank and  and slept WiF for a week. Harold thought that was it.How wrong he was, 20 years later and he's been to every convention since.

Harold is a big wig at Daimler/Mercedes, and as he reminded us at the Last Supper, these days drives a beautiful big Mercedes Benz. He is also now married to Vera and they have a 1 year old son Henry.


Vera is another long suffering wargame widow who along with Harold and Henry visited us in Australia. She has won the Eurowifcon award for the woman who came back 3 years running! That shows true grit.

Some years ago Harold passed the baton to Marcus S who is now the convention's main man.  As well as doing a prodigious amount of work bringing the convention together each year, Marcus is one of those laid back guys who never lets a bad roll faze him, well for no more than half an hour anyway. And no matter how bad things get he will ensure that no counters are ever harmed needlessly (hurling them at the enemy of course excepting). He too has come to every convention since its inception.

Another Marcus, Marcus G has come to (almost) every WiFcon since the beginning as well.

He had to miss two when on holidays with his wife Anthea, and one when on a police training exercise (I spose that's a good enough excuse Marcus).  He loves the social aspect and reckons WiF is the most interesting and best game in the world.  He grew up close to Hofgeismar, is a cop with a big laugh and a laid back attitude. He helps Marcus S in the organising and was instrumental in the printing of the very limited edition (11 copies total worldwide) convention only collector's edition maps.

All 3 of you deserve our thanks for doing so much over the years for the game and the community. 

The last supper is going well by the way.  

All this focussing on people has taken me away from my food, and if I'm to even make a dent in it, I'd better get eating.  I ordered fish, which comes with vegetables and potatoes.  Like - a whole bowl of potatoes.  Ten potatoes in fact.  What the hell?  TEN POTATOES. I promise I'm not making it up - here's a photo to prove it.

So I share a few round with the guys who are hungry from all their fighting at the front, while they wait for their Schnitzels.  For at the last supper, let me tell you, Schnitzels abound.  Of all different varieties - Schnitzel with onion, Schnitzel with Mushroom, Schnitzel with Schinken, Schnitzel with Cheese, and finally, Schnitzel with Schnitzel.  The order for our table of 30, was in fact, 29 Schnitzels and one fish (with ten potatoes).  My fish was such an oddity of an order amongst all these Schnitzels, that they wrapped it up like a bon-bon for me.  Sweet of them don't you reckon?

Now I know I touched upon fashion in the last blog, specifically footwear, so I won't go into it again here.  But I will mention that everyone looked very smart for their Last Supper, and there were a few impressive t-shirts on display.

Cool huh?

Now even though he didn't actually play at this WiFcon, he was there as the mascot, and no conference would be complete without the lovely Rudiger.

Ruediger taking a short break from his Schnitzel.

Ruediger is the last of the quartet who has been to every eurowifcon since the first and is also the only player who has been to every day to every convention, except for a couple of days when he sacrificed his perfect record to drive Harry to Spiel 2010.

Ruediger has been a wonderful supporter of WiF over the years, distributing the game throughout Europe, running German Design Group and producing German language versions of the rules. He designs his own games these days including the Master edition of World in Flames and Caribbean Colonial Conquest.

This convention he was playing some strange game with his mate Marc in the smoking hall all week. I'm not sure how Marc survived it but he seemed to take it all in good spirits or at least his laryngitis meant he gave no complaints.

Finally, there were some awards handed out and we will append them to the blog when we manage to collate them all. Furthermore the images of the past week have been so memorable that I will also sync them into a slide show and pop it up when its finished. Stay tuned...

Well after 10 days of fun, frolic and war for the whole family, I must reluctantly bring my blog to an end. But like all wars, this is merely an armistace and not peace and I am already in training for next year's extravaganza.

Bye for now

Cat <3

"I do NOT consider Harry the arbiter of the Rules!" Posted on 17 Oct 23:55 , 0 comments


Room with a view

Room with a view

Day 9 - and the tension level increases by the hour.  Dice are being rolled FURIOUSLY, heavy breathing and sighs are punctuated by angry cursing and slamming of dice cups.

You can tell we are getting close to the climax of the war. And like in any war, it seems to me that different countries and different generals play by different rules.  And because the Collector's Edition rule book is 80 + pages of 9 point font - there are inevitably differences of opinion.  Which makes everything very bloody interesting indeed, particularly at this point in the week.

One compelling character I've met this week is Frederik.  

Standing at least 6.5 feet tall, Frederik is certainly not lacking in confidence.  He's playing the USA in this game, and thinks he has it wrapped up.  He's entered the war much earlier than normal for the USA, which has allowed his production to explode.  He's using 98% of this production against the Japanese, so watch out Chanel!!!  He also admits he's been very lucky so far; the dice have been kind to him.  We'll check back in with final results in the next instalment.

 The USA looms large over the game


Well the dice gods have been smiling on Frederik, but unfortunately not on Torsten.  Torsten has had a very tough game - he was playing Russia and I couldn't really follow exactly why things went wrong, but I know they did. Which was a bummer, since he had taken the week away from his high powered job managing a large Real Estate association, and his wife and kids.  But he'll be back and better luck next time Torsten!!

There were also another couple of guys who left early, so I missed getting their mug shots and fingerprints on file. Aachim and Rupert, who by all accounts played well under trying circumstances. Rupert hales from Monaco and had to get back to running his own business so could only take time off to war for a few days.

Aachim on the other hand had plenty of time, too much as it turned out and found himself in the unfortunate position of channelling Josef Stalin while Hitler was swanning around Casablanca (playing it again Sam) doing his best to ignore Josef until late 1943 leaving Uncle Joe many nights nursing his vodka in his Moscow Dacha.   

And hang on -  here's another few guys I've never seen before  - did they just parachute in? 

 Benjamin and Thomas brought along one of Australian Design Group's latest offerings, World in Flames Blitz, designed by David LeLacheur and produced by Compass Games in partnership with ADG. Advertised as WiF in less than a lifetime, this fast-paced version of World in Flames allowed them to just pop in for a day or two and catch everyone else up. 

And Dirk.  Exactly who is Dirk? I must confess Dirk's role seemed very shadowy. Is he a spy, an agent provocateur or possibly even a honey trap?

Now - let's focus on a couple of things close to my heart - fashion and food.  First up - WiFcon fashion.  Specifically footwear. Imelda Marcos eat your heart out.  Check out these stylish trends.


Now these days we're all increasingly aware of the importance of health food, and here at the Schutzen hall it's no exception. I'm gonna let the images tell the story :


 Got the picture?  And check out these yummy lollies too :

And as the day pans to a close, I reflect on these gamers I've met - they are all very lovely, gentle, intelligent and welcoming.  

So why the hell do they have so many disturbing and creepy surgical implements everywhere? Answer me that...

Anyhow, back with the final blog tomorrow, sweet dreams all,



The modern face of World in Flames Posted on 15 Oct 20:58 , 1 comment

Philippe in a moment of repose

Dateline Hofgeismar

Day 8 - It's been fascinating watching these guys in the war room over the past few days.  They might not be able to clean a kitchen (with the notable exception of Chanel, who when complimented on his housekeeping skills protested "oh don't worry I don't do it for the team, I do it to stay alive!") but their intellects are undeniable.  

Philippe is smart, young and attractive. He's a neuroscientist from Berlin. He's really pleased to have met other WIFfers from Berlin because he loves the social aspect of board games and looks forward to challenging them to a rematch in the coming months. Just goes to show how great boardgames are in forging friendships.   

Tom comes from Michigan US, and is a lawyer with a heart who provides pro bono help to the disadvantaged in his community. His son's about to finish his PhD in physics so there is no shortage of grey matter in this family. This is his 5th EuroWiFcon (he is so dedicated he's also supported USWifcons as well) and we look forward to seeing him at the 6th).

Another gamer from across the Atlantic is Eric, ADG's main man. He and his wife Kandice brilliantly handle all the international distribution of World in Flames, 7 Ages and all the other plethora of ADG games usually from his prairie lair of Wichita Kansas. However he has had a fantastic opportunity with a worldwide company (other than ADG) to spend a few years working in the moors of Wales. He has 2 young kids but like many modern partners these days his very understanding wife has given him leave to bring out his inner Deutcsh for 10 days (hopefully the company is equally understanding).


Oystein is a charming guy from Oslo, with a big grin and an easy going manner.  He's been playing since the mid 90's, and he's been to about 6 conventions. His wife Sisel doesn't mind him coming for the week, as long as he brings her a gift home. Let's hope it's not a copy of WIF for her.


Stefan's another guy with a big grin, he's from Munich and a more jovial face you are rarely going to find. He's playing on the best table with the auteur (no doubt up to 4 other tables may disagree) and although his Japanese navy is being pounded mercilessly by Karsten's USN, he takes it all in good spirit and even returns the favour sinking 5 Essex class far.


Thomas is from Poland which goes to show how wide ranging our warriors hale from. Thomas is the quiet assassin. Although he often keeps his own counsel you underestimate him at your peril. With a flick of the rules or a roll of the die he'll have your panzers fleeing for the hills while you wonder what on earth happened to them.

Klaus is from Munich, and he's been sharing some of the play at this WiFcon with Harold, as he's had work commitments.  He's playing Japan, and he likes that because lived there for several years when he was younger. He loves knowing the cities he's defending and fighting for. He loves learning new stuff at each conference through playing new players and watching their strategies. 

Well thats it for today war-game widow sisters. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment tomorrow...