ADG's Australian office complete loss in record flood Posted on 23 Apr 11:53 , 11 comments


With the disaster unfolding in the Ukraine you probably haven't heard about the third in a decade, once in a hundred year floods in Northern NSW and SE Queensland a few weeks back. Unfortunately our Australasian office/warehouse was wrecked by it and we lost around 90% of our stock. Although the Asia/Pacific region constitutes only around 15% of our world-wide market, our Australian HQ contained our strategic reserve particularly of our classic games, kits and magazines and thus ADG's overall worldwide loss is around 75%.

I recognise its nothing compared to the horrible atrocities in Ukraine, or people who lost their homes or their lives in these record floods across eastern australia, but its been fairly devastating watching 40 years of my life's work floating down the Brisbane river (I also lost the company car in the flood, in my driveway on top of a mountain!, but at least it was insured).

We are currently conducting a stocktake of what we have left but unfortunately it appears we have very few of most (particularly our older) games, kits and magazines, e.g. we had around 1800 x Khaki in Flames in February, now we have less than 60, we had 400 Convoys in Flames and Cruisers in Flames, now we have 7 of each (we earlier reported that we only had 100 x 2008 WiF Annuals but we rummaged around behind the couch and found a few hundred more in our US office). This reduction in stock occurs pretty much uniformly across the board for all our pre-World in Flames: Collector's edition games kits and magazines.

Furthermore we only have a few of all our games and kits left in Australia for our Asian market. When those run out we will be sending what we have left in our European office to Asia and the Pacific. At that point we may have to increase our Asia/Pacific freight charges to compensate for the added freight cost of shipping from Europe to Asia. The time will increase too of course.

The final impact is that although we are still attempting to have 7 Ages: the Collector's edition released in 2022, the effect of the floods on ADG and the delay in the supply chains generally caused by Covid and the war in the Ukraine, may well mean that it is not now released until 2023. I apologise for any delay in the game's release but you can download the latest draft 7 Ages: the collector's edition rules from our downloads page which are fully compatible with the original 7 Ages game and will add lots of spice to your next game.

When 7 Ages the Collector's edition is released we will ship them to all 3 offices (the USA, Germany and Australia) as we try to rebuild our service in the Asia/Pacific region.

I apologise for this loss of functionality in our world wide service and any delays this 'natural' catastrophe has caused, and thank you for your great support for our games over the past 40 years.


Harry Rowland

Managing Director

Australian Design Group