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Updated 11 February 2023


Hi All,

I am happy to announce the 2022 U.S. World in Flames CON starts on Friday, July 29th and the last day of play will be Saturday, August 7th. The event will be held at the same location as last year: Fairfield Inn by Marriott, 8058 Orchard Loop, Elk Grove, CA 95624.


Unfortunately, I was not able to get the reduced room rate with the Fairfield Inn as last year as prices have really gone up. The new room charge is $129.00 per night ($148.61 w/taxes). However, there are only 10 sleeping rooms blocked for our event and the cutoff for the above rate is June 28, 2022. After this date the group rate will not be available. This rate starts July 28, 2022 for those who arrive early. Attached is the booking link.


We will be able to start each morning at 9:00 am and play until 12:00 am. The entry fee is $150. My email address is, and you may reach me by phone at (916) 685-5439.

Due to the size of the facility, we will be limited to only 3 games (18 players max).


Facility: Fairfield Inn by Marriott,

8058 Orchard Loop, Elk Grove, CA 95624
Hotel: Fairfield Inn by Marriott,
8058 Orchard Loop, Elk Grove, CA 95624
Phone #: 916-681-1251 Be sure to mention World in Flames for the group rate.
Cost: $129.00 per night ($148.61 w/taxes)


The rooms have Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, a refrigerator, microwave and free breakfast. I found the rooms to be very nice.


Looking forward to seeing you.


Allen Beretta (Host)


Report from the front (posted 11 Feb 2023)

by Andrew Baird


Andrew Baird's table (Left Foreground, John Reynen, Left back, Bill Coburn, Center Back, Mike Cobb, Right back, Carl Tuisku, Right foreground, yours truly)
1939: CW and France went after Italy immediately, invading Sardinia and sinking an Italian TRS. A long clear SO39 meant Germany cleared Poland, Netherlands, and Belgium before winter hit.
1940: USSR declared on Japan in MA40, and made some initial progress in Manchuria. Long clear MJ40/JA40 meant France fell despite lots of assistance. Germany conquers Yugoslavia in SO40 on the way east. Italy rebuilds its sunk transport, only for Britain to promptly sink the other one via port strike in JA40. CW clears out Italian Somaliland and Ethiopia.
1941: Germany DoW'd USSR in MA41 in snow, letting the Finns hit Leningrad while only a black print garrison was defending it. A long clear MJ (4 impulses + 1 mild bad weather at the end) and a brutally long 7 clear impulse JA41 despite repeated Allied pass attempts saw the USSR driven back all the way to the Caucasus, without enough troops to defend it, even though the Moscow line still held as Germany ignored it in a mad dash for oil and Turkish border hexes. CW invades Sicily in MJ41, seizing the clear southeast hexes, before having to grind through the rest of a Sicily that's been stuffed full of German and Italian corps. Japan took the opportunity to grab Vladivostok, allowing USSR to end the war without losing the Magadan LL route, but otherwise sits quietly despite the USA passing CW Reinforce the Pacific in JA41, allowing CW corps and a well-timed coastal fort to pop up in Rabaul.
1942: Japan holds off from DoWing the CW (at German insistence) until the USA finally declares on him in MA42. Japan takes the 2 oil in Borneo while CW burns the two in Palembang. Japan then spends most of 42 taking Manila and finally Singapore, before deciding that Batavia wasn't worth the effort against US buildup. CW continues grinding through Sicily, taking Trapani and Salerno towards the end of 1942. Germany clears Russia out of the Caucasus. USA goes to total war in MJ42, and lots of Lend Lease gets thrown at Russia (5-10BP/turn). USA lands in undefended Bordeaux, securing that redoubt as GE lacks the HQ/Corps to swing into Vichy to kick them out. Turkey gets aligned, though not to much effect as GE doesn't want to collapse Vichy due to American presence in France).
1943: Unable to find good purchase in Italy proper and facing tons of Axis aircraft, CW begins grabbing ports along the Yugoslav coast to use as airbases. Allies land in Brittany in JA43, and though they suffer losses to Axis counterattacks eventually grab purchase and begin pushing the Germans back. Russia begins counterattacking late in 43, slowly pushing and poking at the Germans. In the Pacific not much is happening, the USA takes Kwajalein and plays sub warfare games with Japan to not much effect. Germany attacks Iran, CW and USA intervene to defend the Oil hexes.
1944: Allies push through Vichy finally as Germany doesn't have the corps to cover it, forcing Germany backwards in France towards the Seine. Britain storms ashore next to Taranto in a two-hex Ochit invasion, but Italy doesn't fall until SO44 as Summer 44 proved to be as ridiculously short as 41 was long (MJ had 5 total impulses (3 and 2) including a bad weather one, while JA ended on a "1" of 1). Russia retakes Stalingrad. CW and USA push in to attack and conquer Iraq.
1945: CW seizes most of Italy after the collapse, taking Milan and Rome and pushing the Germans back to Venice/Trieste and the German border. Russia pushes up to Rostov isolating the German left-behinds in the Caucasus. CW invades near the Bosporus, seizing Gallipoli and storming into Istanbul with a combination of Aussies (8-4 MOT), Kiwis (Mot Div), and the Polish forces (HQI, ARM, MECH, MOT). USA retakes Paris on an O Chit. CW retakes Singapore. Game ends after 1 impulse into MA45 due to time.
Result: Commonwealth individual winner, Axis team winners