ADG at Spiel 23 Posted on 5 Oct 13:29 , 0 comments

Gidday gamers,

If you are attending Spiel 23 in Essen starting later today, please drop by Hall 3 Booth U104 and say hello to Heiko, Australian Design Group's European manager,

Heiko at Spiel 2019

with all our latest games and displaying some future games including our upcoming blockbuster release, 7 Ages: the Collector's edition.

 for which we are accepting advance orders including shipping (excluding import duty or any other government charges). Be the first person in the world to buy this amazing 20 year voyage into our past and future.

We also of course have special Spiel prices which are available for all our current games as well.

So drop by, say hello, check out our games, if you have contributed to them, check out the credits to make sure we got your name right, and if you are not there yet, feel free to come up with a novel twist to 7 Ages and add your name to immortality.

Thanks for your long and great support for our games.


Harry Rowland