Hostage photos! (updated 28 March 2018) Posted on 22 Jul 11:34 , 3 comments

While playing history, now you can make it.

As you know are now live with our advance order launch of the World in Flames collector's edition Super Deluxe games set.which already includes 2 free immortal dedications.

Remember all Dedications attract an Australian $50 cashback on any new WiF Collector's edition Deluxe game purchase.


This is an open thread for all questions and to put up the hostage photos. To kick off here's one from Eric, our international manager

Sorry Eric, close but no cigar (besides, where's the hostage, and I'm not referring to our stock?).


Updare 31 July 2017: All current dedications are now available for download in our downloads section (funnily enough).

Russel N, replied to your query but the email kept bouncing (apparently your server doesn't like Telstra, our largest telecommunications network, but its not alone).

To answer your question, yes the Collector's edition of Ships in Flames now incorporates Cruisers in Flames, Convoys in Flames and Carrier Planes in Flames. I have updated the Collector's edition contents description in our download section to reflect this fact.


Update 5th August:

We have a new contender

Kevin Bernatz (

I wondered who had bought those first 60,000 copies of World in Flames!

Any advance on Second edition?


Update 16 August 2017:

Oh the hostage photos are being smuggled out thick and fast now. First we have Brian Habel

although we appear to be just a little late for poor Brian. Still we gave him $25 off because at worst the Axe is second edition.

And then here we come, one of the original Old Guard, a 1985 WiFFer who hasn't aged a bit!

Although we are not entirely sure if that is the hostage Stephen Carr or his hostage taker. Well done Stephen, just reduced your order by Australian$50.

And welcome to the immortals, can't wait to shoot you down with my plucky little Boomerang and blowing you out of the water with the GLORIOUS HMAS Sir Hazzles (formerly known as HMAS Canberra).


Stop Press:, if you look very closely at Brian's photo, those countersheets are clearly first edition, not second, so I have just bunged another Australian$25 into your account Brian (as if that was a second edition axe!).

That's two out of 2000 first edition WIF Grognards down, 1998 to go!


Update 20 August: Ever more 1st edition owners are coming forward to be immortalised in World in Flames which you can find embossed in gold in the downloads section of our site.

But the highlight of the recent crop has to be Kevin Hoyt

who obviously found he could win with only half the Germans and Japanese.

Still time to get your immortal orders and hostage photos in.


 And another 1st edition immortal, Tom Cleaveland, staggers forward from the heat of battle.


and a whole clan of immortals, Charles Loxton, Clinton Stewart and Colin Cunningham, deep in their lair in Melbourne

but none are so shell shocked as this, one-too many battle, veteran

But its cool, we've contacted the family and plan to put a plaque in place on the tomb of the undnown (WiF) soldier.