Patton in Flames Game


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Australian Design Group is proud to present Patton in Flames, the ultimate World War III game.

Based on World in Flames, our international award winning game of World War II, Patton in Flames is a complete game that provides everything you need to fight the greatest battle never fought (at least not yet!).

The game includes a political system that allows all major powers to try to influence the minor countries to join their side.

The maps are the latest World in Flames maps that include all the World in Flames errata as well as the political borders from 1930 to the modern day.

The counters include heavy weapons units for both sides as well as all the new aircraft and naval units such as the Mig-15 and Mig-17, the F-84 Thunderjet and F-86 Sabre, the Canberra and IL-28 bombers, Soviet Communist and Nationalist Chinese carriers and much more.

The maps and counters are fully compatible with World in Flames and can be immediately incorporated into your next game of World in Flames.

Can you save the world? With Patton in Flames you can find out.

Patton in Flames includes

4 large (840 x 594mm) full-colour WiF7 paper maps,

1 full-colour WiF7 Americas paper map (420 x 297mm),

1000 half-inch full-colour counters (CS 31-35),

World in Flames Collector's edition rules set,

Patton in Flames Rulebook,

1 production Circle, and

2 x 10-sided dice.

Patton in Flames is available now!