Khaki in Flames



Are you finding those pesky blue Commonwealth counters getting harder to read as you mature? I sure am and I'm mad as heck and not going to take it anymore. So to save all our last glimmering vision ADG are pleased to announce Khaki in Flames ADG's World in Flames kit including all the Commonwealth combat counters from every World in Flames game and kit ever produced in pleasing to the eye Khaki colour so at last you will stop confusing the Ark Royal with the Royal Oak, and the Typhoon with the Gladiator. it will also come with new optional units that can be played with any game of World in Flames.

Pls Note: Khaki in Flames is not a complete game. It requires World in Flames the final edition (Classic or Deluxe), America in Flames or Patton in Flames in order to be played.


• 1200 full colour counters (WiF CS 40-45);
• 1 four page rules booklet; and
• 1 WiF Combat Chart

Countersheet Manifest

CS 1 - World in Flames (WiF7 CS2)/Factory in Flames (CS39)

CS 2 - Ships in Flames (WiF7 CS20)

CS 3 - SiF (WiF7 CS21)/Planes in Flames (WiF7 CS9)/Carrier Planes in Flames (CS29)

CS 4 - America in Flames (CS28)/Patton in Flames (CS35)

CS 5 - Cruisers in Flames (CS36 & 37)/Convoys in Flames (CS37 & 38)/Mech in Flames (CS23)

CS 6 - Africa Aflame (CS14)/Asia Aflame (CS15)/KiF optional units.