2008 WiF Annual (incl Factories in Flames)



Australian Design Group is pleased to announce its greatest ever annual, the 2008 World in Flames Annual. Several years in the making it breaks all ADG records (and not all to do with timeliness), our first magazine in full colour, our first magazine with its own mini-magazine and the first to contain 3 (count 'em 3) great new World in Flames kits. In particular, it includes:

• a 72 page full colour World in Flames Annual containing hints, strategies, historical notes and after action replays on all of our World in Flames in game;

• a 20 page full colour mini-magazine insert containing the rules, charts, cards and play aids for the 2008 WiF Annual's kits;

• 200 full-colour counter Factory in Flames countersheet (FiF CS39);

• Factories in Flames kit;

• Commandoes in Flames kit;

• 3d10 in Flames kit; and

• 1 full colour WiF Combat chart.

The centrepiece of the 2008 WiF Annual is Factories in Flames, a remarkably elegant and simple design that encapsulates all the difficulties and advantages of running your economy at optimal efficiency while fighting for your life on fronts a thousand kilometers apart. It links production to actual cities and allows you to tailor your strategic warfare to specialise the damage you do to your enemy's industry all using a system that if anything is even simpler than the standard game's more abstract production.

The 2008 World in Flames Annual is Australian Design Group's most lavish production yet. It is available now and we hope you enjoy it.