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Updated: 29 May 2018

Many WiFFers have contacted me about our Join the Immortals campaign  that preceded our Kickstarter campaign and are sorry they missed it. I wrote this at the time

WiF Immortality closed this lifetime.

But I'm not sure that's true anymore. Since the start of our kickstarter campaign we have had a large influx of orders to the World in Flames collector's edition superdeluxe games sets (that gives you first class WiF membership) such that we are now going to have to reprint America in Flames and Patton in Flames, two key parts of the Super Deluxe games set, within months, and Days of Decision perhaps in a year or so (maybe earlier depending on this offer).

The Patton in Flames maps are already hard printed for World in Flames so when we reprint we can easily add them. The America maps are stretch goal number 3 (which has been concertinaed to make more achievable) in our kickstarter campaign and the Days of Decision hard mounting the maps and individualising the cards with much better graphics is stretch goal number 4 (again concertinaed to just its last goal).

But regardless of whether the stretch goals are achieved or not, when we reprint the America in Flames, Patton in Flames and Days of Decision counters we will do so with die cut counters.

And that's where the opportunity for immortality comes in. As we have to reprint each game in the World in Flames series we will invite all first class World in Flames collector's edition SuperDeluxe games set members (in superdeluxe pledge order) who have ordered their CE Superdeluxe games set either on our kickstarter site or this site after 2nd September 2017 (all first class members before this date are already immortal in the Collector's edition) to submit up to 5 ship or aircraft names in the same manner as the Join the immortals campaign except there will only be 1 dedication not 2 (your highest choice that is free), and it won't be available as a separate product anymore.

You can opt to not be in the first game being printed and reserve your spot for the next game, and based on the reception of World in Flames Collector's edition, one of the games we will most likely be printing is the Collector's edition itself. ADG's site will tell you how close we are to reprinting. We are scheduled to print 3000 Collector's edition games but in the past even when we sold 5000 copies a year we didn't have a reaction like this so re-printing might be sooner rather than later.

As well as owning an aircraft or ship (your choice), when reprinted, if its a ship or aircraft from America in Flames or Patton in Flames you will receive the entire reprinted countersheet set for that game free of charge, free delivery. So you can play your next game with the latest die cut counters (and why you can safely order these games now, play now and still have the same components as the new games when the games are re-printed).

If its for a World in Flames Collector's edition counter, you will receive the countersheet with your name on it (or dedicated to another if you like, many of the 250+ current immortals dedicated their plane or ship to their parents or grandparents and got the ship  their ancestor sailed or aircraft they flied in). As the counters will just be a direct reprint of the soon to be printed Collector's edition (apart from the crucial difference of your immortal dedication) you don't need the whole set to add your counter to your game.

There is nothing you need do at this stage. This won't cost you a penny, if we don't sell out it won't become an option. Just keep an eye on our website after the release of the Collector's edition and we will contact you when we it is time for you to decide if this is your moment for immortality. We will have the dedication spreadsheets for the new games posted on the downloads section before each Immortal campaign in the same manner as for the last Join the immortals campaign.

Also to allay the fears of our current immortals, needless to add (one would hope) you're not very immortal if I was to scrub your name off next print run, now are you? If you get a counter dedicated to you or a loved one, you are immortal for life (mine or yours whoever lasts longest). This applies to all current and future immortals. The current dedications on our website show which units have been dedicated permanently.

This deal also applies to everyone who has bought a World in Flames Superdeluxe games set from ADG since the join the immortals campaign ceased on August 20 and have not already received a dedication.

And as a final benefit if you have bought a World in Flames superdeluxe from ADG in the last 2 years backdated to the start of the ks campaign (i.e. 3 September 2015) and become a Platinum member by pledging a World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game, you receive a free upgrade to First class membership giving you all benefits (including this one, and see our Kickstarter FAQ for the other 11).

I want to thank you and all 60,000 wiffers over the 32 years of this marathon journey for your fantastic support. By becoming a First class World in Flames Superdeluxe member you could not support me anymore than you already have. I hope this opportunity for free counters, a free map (Scandinavia, see ks FAQ 14) and immortality can repay you for your enormous support in some small way.


Harry Rowland