World in Flames Collector's edition kickstarter campaign Posted on 28 Aug 21:49 , 0 comments

Australian Design Group is very pleased to announce that our advance order World in Flames Collector's edition Kickstarter campaign will commence this Sunday, 3rd September, 7 am Australian Eastern Standard time (check your local time it might be saturday afternoon your time).

The campaign goes for 30 days and will be offering the World in Flames Collector's edition Classic game and the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game, both with a 25% discount for the campaign.

Thank you for your support for our games. We trust you will enjoy the culminating fruits of 34 years of World in Flames development, the largest and most detailed boardgame ever published.


Update 3rd October

Now that the phenomenally successful kickstarter campaign has just ended I'd like to thank everyone who has helped in this amazing kickstarter effort, most prominently

James Evans who has been the behind the scenes operator setting all this up, with no knowledge at all prior I think he's run an amazingly smooth campaign,

my son Peter for directing and editing the ks video,

my daughter Anna and Peter's friends Tom and Daniel for being such great stars,

Terry Hannagan for his superb narration,

Eloise for her camerawork,

my sister Belinda for providing logistic support and the location for the film shoot (as well as Australasian manager),

all the playtest team who have done a prodigious amount helping getting the collector's edition into shape,

all the other executives of ADG, Poppy, Donna, Eric, Benjamin and Ruediger who have been overwhelmed with orders and emails,

Wendell, Dave and Andrew for agreeing to become collaborators and have done a great job answering wif queries,

and last but definitely far from least, my gorgeous partner Cat who has been a rock for me and a huge support particularly in these last few exceedingly stressful months, thank you one and all.

And finally I'd like to thank you, the collector's edition members, who have made all the prodigious effort worthwhile, thank you very much for your fabulous support.

The ks campaign has ended but you can still order the Collector's edition with all the trimmings and benefits at the advance order price here on this website until the official release of the game (expected mid-November).

Thank you all once more and see you on the beaches of Normandy, the snows of Russia or the tiny island of Midway (hands off that's mine!) real soon.