World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe Vassal module released Posted on 15 May 09:46 , 6 comments

After 2 years development by Craig Walters of DDD games, Australian Design Group is pleased to announce the release of the official World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe Vassal Module.

It contains 10 campaigns (including both the WiFCE Classic and Deluxe Global war setups) and allows the setup of many more. It includes all the standard and optional units from the WiFCE Classic game and all 4 kits (Divisions in Flames, Planes in Flames, Ships in Flames and Territories in Flames).

To ease set-up, there is included two scenarios (09 for Classic and 10 for Deluxe) that already have picked the mandatory units (ships and HQs) for the 24.4.7 Global war campaign (use the WiFCE Classic module if you only want a pinch of Deluxe, as it has all the options still available).

In later updates we will also include optimal (or at least claimed to be fairly optimal) set-ups based on gamers' submission as to what you reckon the best setup might be assuming average luck in unit picks. Best Classic and Deluxe optimal set up included in future Vassal updates receives a free WiFCE Collector's edition Classic game.

Now you can play World in Flames the Collector's edition against anyone across the planet. If you are looking for Vassal opponents, you can send a post to our WiF opponents wanted blog with contact details where people can contact you.

The module is free for all WIF Collector's edition customers. All Australian Design Group WiFCE customers have already been sent the link to download the module. If you haven't received the link, or you bought your Collector's edition game from an authorised ADG outlet, please contact me using ADG's contact form on the front page of this website and we will send you the link to download this amazing WiFCE Vassal module.

Thank you for your support for our games and I hope you enjoy the official WiFCE Deluxe Vassal module.


Harry Rowland