WiFCE FINAL Scandinavian map now available for comment Posted on 18 Jul 14:27 , 0 comments

Update 18 July 2019

The final version of the Scandinavian map is now available on the  download page of our site. If you have any comments please do so now as they are expected to go to the printers tomorrow.

For WiFCE Virtual companion owners, a hi-res version of this map is now available for download in your Companion's maps folder.


Scandinavian map notes

The Scandinavian map is placed above the European maps and replaces all off map hexes and sea areas at the top of the East and West European maps (the Norwegian Sea and Arctic Ocean sea areas). The scale is the Pacific map scale.

Each hexside with a letter on it is adjacent to the topmost hex with the same letter on the East and West European maps. Note that you cannot move between the two if there is a lake hexside between them unless it is snow or blizzard (see 8.2.1). For example, you could not move between hex S(candinavia) 0701 and W2151 in fine weather.

The orange hexdots are also adjacent to the orange hexdots in the adjacent sea areas (e.g. the orange hexdot west of S1701 is also adjacent to the hexdot west of W0951.


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Harry Rowland