Spiel 2017, 26-29 October Posted on 24 Oct 10:59 , 0 comments

Australian Design Group was planning to release the world's biggest boardgame, World in Flames the collector's edition at Spiel in Essen on the 26th October. Alas the project is so massive and the effort painstakingly detailed that we are still a few weeks from release, now expected mid to late november.

However we still have a booth at Spiel 2017 (Hall 8 booth C102) to show off the proof components to the game and have all our other games available for sale too. We will be ably represented by Eric our worldwide manager and Benjamin our European manager who both know the game well and should be able to help you with all your queries. We also welcome any feedback on the graphics and scope of the game, the culmination of a lifetime's effort.

Cat and I were hoping and planning to be there this year to show off the Collector's edition but as its slipped a bit we are stuck at home polishing off the rules and scenarios books (everything else, the maps, covers and counters is already at the printers).to get the game to you as soon as we can.

If you have ordered, but not yet received, a World in Flames superdeluxe games set either via this website or our successful kickstarter campaign and pick it up at Spiel 2017 we will give you a partial freight refund of 40 euros (we still have to ship you the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game itself when released).

Have a great time at Essen and we look forward to catching up next year (when I won't be frantically finishing the world's most massive boardgame project).

Thank you for your wonderful support for our games.


Harry Rowland