World in Flames CE Vassal module v1.04 now available Posted on 13 Jul 10:00 , 0 comments


I hope you are enjoying the Collector's edition of World in Flames. So that you can play this international award winning, Guinness world record holding game with anyone around the world, Australian Design Group is pleased to announce the worldwide release of the latest version (v1.04) of the World in Flames: Collector's Edition Deluxe Vassal module.

WiFCE Deluxe Vassal Module v1.04 - 11 July 2020

Your password to access the dropbox folder is the same as the previous version you received when you purchased World in Flames or the WiFCE Deluxe Vassal module. Keep this password secret and secure as it will be the same password to download future releases of the Vassal module.

To download the module, first click on the link, then select the Direct Download option from the download button at the top right of the dropbox page. If you have a dropbox account you must be logged into dropbox to download the module.

After you have downloaded the WiFCE Deluxe Vassal v1.04 folder, unzip it (there is no password required for this). The password to unzip the WiFCE Vassal module zipped file itself (WiFCE Vassal module and players, is stated in the licencing agreement included in the Vassal folder.

If you have any queries about installation or operation of the files please contact the Vassal designer, Craig with the Header WiFCE Vassal installation/operation (as applicable). Be warned that it is a huge module and takes a couple of minutes to load (play is fast once loaded). If you find any issues pls forward them direct to Craig with the Header WiFCE Vassal comments.

If you are looking for Vassal opponents, you can send a post to our WiF opponents wanted blog with details where people can contact you.

To ease set-up, there is included two scenarios (09 for Classic and 10 for Deluxe) that already have picked the mandatory units (ships and HQs) for the 24.4.7 Global war campaign (use Classic if you only want a pinch of Deluxe, as it has all the options still available).

In later updates we will also include optimal (or at least claimed to be fairly optimal) set-ups based on gamers' submission as to what you reckon the best setup might be assuming average luck in unit picks. Best Classic and Deluxe optimal set up included in future Vassal updates receives a free WiFCE Collector's edition Classic game.

Thank you very much for your support for our games and I hope you enjoy the latest version of the amazing World in Flames collector's edition Deluxe Vassal module.

Harry Rowland

PS When loading the full Deluxe Global war campaign module (and potentially others) if you run into an "out of memory error" or "heap too big" or some such (as I did), try loading the module with minimum/maximum heap settings (see module loading instructions) of 768/1536. The load will be slower but the game play is still quick.

Campaign for North Rivett II - Asia, May 1 1942