WiFCE Scandinavian map now available Posted on 24 Nov 09:53 , 0 comments

Gidday chums,

the hard-mounted World in Flames Collector's edition Scandinavian map is now available.

If you are a First class member (ie wifCE superdeluxe owner) please just send an email to your local agent:

Americas - Tom <thomashfancher@gmail.com>
Europe & Africa - Ben <info@richter-kosim.de>
Australia, Asia & the Pacific - Belinda <belinda.belinda044@gmail.com>

with your current address to get your scandinavian map sent out free of charge (and your CS 55 if you have not already received it, please mention that in your email).

If you are a Gold (WiF8 Classic advance order owner) or Platinum (WiF8 Deluxe advance order owner) member (including via kickstarter) please still order via our website stating in the cart that you are a Gold or Platinum member to ensure you get the appropriate discount (ignore the price at checkout, that's just a hold on your card, the amount is not deducted until I process your order).

Thank you for your support for our games.