Getting the old band back together Posted on 2 Mar 21:00 , 0 comments

Starting this Saturday the 7th March. both original World in Flames designers (Greg Pinder and me), one of the original developers (and host, Sheldon White) and 4 ADG playtesters over the last few decades (Nich Hills, Tony Falzarano, Simon Mackenzie and Andrew England) will be getting together in Canberra for 10-12 days (or until we all drop) to play World in Flames: the collector's edition for the first time in over two decades.

The countries are


Germany ~ Tony

Italy ~ Simon

Japan ~ Greg


Commonwealth ~ Sheldon

France ~ Nich

USA ~ Andrew

USSR & China ~ Harry

The options we are playing are fairly eclectic and minimalist by Deluxe standards but hopefully making the play simpler for new players to follow.

4 ~ Planes in Flames units

5 ~ Ships in Flames, convoy points only, losses as per WiFCE Classic (5 cps per ship) but can have convoy pipelines of any value

8 ~ Aircraft abilities

31 ~ Saving build points (not disbanding units)

36 ~ Cadre

39 ~ Gearing limits

46 ~ Pilots

49 ~ Offensive points

52 ~ Guards Banner armies

53 ~ Siberians

I will be blogging the game hopefully on a daily basis on our forum and blogs page and feel free to pour scorn on our play in the comments section there.

Wish the good guys (ie me) luck!


Harry Uncle Jo (and Chiang and Mao) Rowland