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by Harry Rowland (updated Nov 2)

From October 11th to the 20th 2019, 32 grizzled World in Flames grognards battled 16 hours a day for 9 days vying for the conquest or liberation of the world at the usually peaceful town of Hofgeismar, Germany. Here are the photos from the front.

 Warriors one and all

Markus, Harold and Christophe, brows furrowing furiously, as Johan drives relentlessly onwards in the Mediterranean

Meanwhile, on the other fronts...

Battling long into the evening


First battle report

Ge: Johan Sahlin

Ja/It: Christophe Huart

USSR: Markus Graf

USA: Andrew Baird (photos)

CW: Harold Martin-Vignerte (author and photos)

Standard set up with Ge poised on the french border by end of M/A 40 and Japan advancing in China.

Beginning S/O 40 Ge takes Paris after losses, bad weather and all 30 saved offensive points while Japan continues in China. With North Africa going free French the Euroaxis shift focus to the med and retreat the CW to the Egypt off map boxes, advance on Algiers and conquer Greece by summer 41.

A very early US entry sees the CW reinforcing the pacific at end of J/A 41 with Japan launching its supercombined in S/O 41 ultimately taking the perimeter except for Rabaul. 

The summer of 42 sees a strong Barbarossa flanked by a heavy o-points threat with advances in the north beyond Smolensk approaching Moscow and in the south beyond the Dnepr approaching Rostov. In the meantime the Wallies position themselves in North Africa invading Sardinia but a launch at the Italian mainland is repulsed with the Wallies shifting attention to the Balkans.

In the pacific, Japan and Russia sign a peace treaty

while the US advances along the southern pacific perimeter.

The summer of 43 opens up a Bordeaux gambit with the help of French partisan

with this pocket continuously expanding towards Paris. On the eastern front, the red army starts offensive in Finland and the Baltic states while Ge still holds the south intact.

In the pacific, Truk is taken with Japan continuing the odd attack on China to optimize the front and the first Chinese counterattacks are undertaken.

Aided by a double impulse in the summer of 44, the Wallies advance in the west up to the German Border and the soviet armies reach East Prussia and conquer Finland.

In the pacific, Russia breaks the pact with Japan and invades Manchuria, while the US advances on the south China sea.

Burma Front 1944 before and after disastrous British attack attempting to open the Burma road

The game is adjourned End of the J/A 44 turn, with Germany holding onto the Balkans incl. Rumania but thinned out on the main front lines in Germany proper. Italy continues intact and Japan holds onto the perimeter incl. Philippines, Batavia, Singapore and Bonin Islands.

Things you might not have seen so often in the past that happened in this game:

-        Weather “12” in J/A 40

-        Heavy Ge Air Force losses by built out french Air Force in the summer 40

-        North Africa going free French

-        Russia Japan Peace Ceremony – attached pictures

-        42 Barbarossa with 50 Ge O-Points

-        Free French landing on French partisan – attached picture

-        45 oil, 57 cps and 21 OP saved in Japan in summer 44

-        Battle for river Kwai to open Burma Road – attached pictures

-        No carrier force clash in the pacific

Final scores
USA/France +5 (+6 down 1 due to aligning Mexico + Brazil)
USSR/China +4
Japan/Italy -1
CW -2
Germany -5


The last supper

Thanks Harold, Karsten and Andrew, I will add more battle reports and associated photos as I get them. from the competitors.

The dates for Eurowifcon 2020 have already been booked, 15-25 October. Space is strictly limited at the Schutzenhalle in Hofgeismar so book early!

I am looking at getting together an Australian team to teach those cocky europeans a thing or two! If you are interested please contact me.