ADG head faces life threatening illness Posted on 22 Oct 21:59 , 33 comments

Dear ADG customers, friends and supporters,

On the 30th of September Harry Rowland, ADG's managing director, chief designer and my brother, was rushed by ambulance to hospital, and the next morning transferred to a second hospital with suspected pneumonia.

Over the ensuing week due to misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment and general maladventure, Harry's health continued to deteriorate until on the 10th October he was rushed by ambulance to a third hospital, St. Andrew's Private Hospital's Intensive Care unit in Brisbane in a critical condition with Pulmonary hemorrhaging, Pulmonary oedema, respiratory failure and a broken Mitral valve (no pneumonia).

This was extremely stressful for all of us including Harry's teenage children, but due to the brilliant skills of St. Andrew's ICU led by Dr Gianluigi Li Bassi and the unit's head Dr. Gerard Joyce and their crack infections specialist Dr Hugh Wright, after 9 hours intensive treatment Harry's condition was stabilised.

Over the ensuing days a large number of tests and procedures were conducted until Harry was well enough to undergo open-heart surgery to replace the broken Mitral valve on the 14th October by Dr. Douglas Wall, Queensland's leading heart surgeon, not only a terrific doctor but amazing person whose motto is "we are all in this together".

The operation went well and Harry is now recovering in hospital. It might take up to a year for Harry to get back to full strength with the next 3 months the most critical.

We would like to thank all of Dr. Wall's team including Dr. Lauren Galt, a leading lung specialist, Dr Brendan Bell, a top cardiologist, Dr Sarvesh Natani the ranking anaethetist and Miranda, Harry's effervescent physiotherapist leading his recovery, along with the many other doctors and nurses (particularly Nikki, Helena, Emi, Kamellia and Margot) who worked tirelessly to bring Harry back from the brink and on the road to recovery.

Needless to say this has disrupted the smooth running of Australian Design Group and on behalf of everyone at ADG we apologise if you have contacted us over the last 3 weeks and have yet to receive a reply. Harry is on very light duties as you can imagine but if you resend your emails in the next few weeks Harry will endeavour to answer them all as he gradually gets better.

We would also like to thank the hundreds of people who have flooded us with your love, support and encouragement from the ADG community. It has been overwhelming and very beneficial in Harry's prognosis and long term recovery.

There may be some delay in the release of 7 Ages II but we are still aiming for an October 2021 release of this fine game, and then we will move on to our other projects like Empires in Arms III.

Thank you again for your great support and we look forward to getting back to normal soon.


Belinda Evans


Australian Design Group

Update 23 November 2020: Harry was released from hospital on the 22nd October but unfortunately has had a relapse and is now back in hospital. We are hoping its not serious but the doctors aren't really sure what is going on so he is undergoing more tests and procedures. I will update you as we find out more.

Update 15 December 2020: Harry here. You will be glad to hear I am back at home at last and recovering slowly. Thank you all for your amazing support during this difficult time.

Australian Broadcasting Commission interview 24 October 2020