Planes in Flames Collector's edition



Planes in Flames the Collector's edition is Australian Design Group's latest and greatest WWII aircraft expansion to World in Flames.

Initially published in 1988 to great acclaim as the most beautiful counters in a  boardgame, now after another three decades and 25,000 copies later, we are proud to announce the most comprehensive, detailed and stunning collection of WWII aircraft anywhere on the planet.

Based on thousands of hours of research, and a 100,000 cell spreadsheet of aircraft specifications and production (of which the WiF aircraft Dedication extract is a very tiny part) Planes in Flames provides the most accurate data for all the combat aircraft of World War II (and then some).

Planes in Flames the Collector's edition includes every major (and many not so major) aircraft in world war II in spectacular detail including their historical full-colour camouflage patterns. Not only including the work horses of the war such as the Stukas, Spitfires and Mustangs,

Planes in Flames the Collector's edition also includes the esoteric (e.g. the Kikka and the MBR-2) as well as the improbables (e.g. the Ho-229 Bat and very optimistic P.13)

amongst many, many others.

Planes in Flames the Collector's edition has also dramatically expanded the scope of time such that units now span history from the early 30s to the mid 50s so that Planes in Flames is now playable with Patton in Flames and America in Flames as well as World in Flames.

Planes in Flames the Collector's edition includes 600 full-colour counters that turn World in Flames from a great into an unforgettable experience.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. Planes in Flames the Collector's edition requires World in Flames, Patton in Flames or America in Flames in order to be played.

Planes in Flames is available now. It may also be purchased as part of the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe expansion set.