Ships in Flames: The Collector's edition NEW!



In 1990, Australian Design Group revolutionised boardgame ship design with Ships in Flames, a lavish 1000 counter World in Flames expansion showing all the major ships of World War II from Heavy cruisers to aircraft carriers. 

Now, 27 years later we bring you the greatest naval expansion ever including not only all the Carriers, Battleships and heavy crusiers from previous expansions, but also all the light cruisers,  auxiliary cruisers, carrier planes and many of the escort carriers, destroyers and destroyer escorts that plied the seas wresting control from their enemies determined to starve them into submission.

Ships in Flames: the Collector's edition is an incredible expansion for World in Flames that now contains 1800 naval and aircraft units all in full-colour realistic camouflages.Based on thousands of hours of research on WWII combat ships large and small, Ships in Flames: the Collector's edition is the most comprehensive naval addition ever seen in a boardgame.

Now you can re-fight all the great naval battles of World War II from the hunt for the Bismarck to the climactic Battle for Midway as well as the most detailed Battle of the Atlantic ever portrayed.

At last you can step into the shoes of Nagano, Cunningham or Halsey as you help your country towards final victory.

Ships in Flames: the Collector's edition easily incorporates the fog of war allowing you to keep your forces on Ships in Flames Task Force Display

with only the marker on the map.

Is that unit a fleet of carriers or a scouting cruiser? There is one way to find out, but it can be very painful.

Ships in Flames includes 1800 counters, and one A3 (420mm x 297mm) hard-mounted Task Force display where you can hide your units and surprise your foes. It incorporates Cruisers in Flames, Convoys in Flames and Carrier Planes in Flames all in one integrated, comprehensive and beautiful package.

Ships in Flames the Collector's edition has also dramatically expanded the scope of time such that units now span history from the early 30s to the mid 50s so that Ships in Flames is now playable with Patton in Flames or America in Flames as well as World in Flames.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. Ships in Flames the Collector's edition requires World in Flames, Patton in Flames or America in Flames in order to be played.

Ships in Flames is available and now being shipped.