World in Flames Collector's edition draft Countersheet 55 Posted on 8 Jun 12:25 , 0 comments

Gidday Wiffers,

the revised draft version of World in Flames Collector's edition CS 55 is now up on the download section of our website for your perusal and comments.

As you can see from the counters there is a lot of room for changes and if you see any errors or would like to see some different units (including which units should make way for it), please give me a hoy. The quality of the output is totally in your hands (no pressure).



These are the second draft CS. Please contact asap if you notice any errors.

Explanatory Notes - 18 Jun 2018

New units and markers (50)

Red or white dot on right hand side - CS 55 indicator.

All Territorials and city based volunteers (4)

HQ supply markers (2, DIF option 14)

Intel markers & Bletchley park (9, KiF option 41)

Shipyards (15, FiF option 40)

Factory specialisations (18, FiF option 40)

Gift of Destroyers (1, US entry option 16)

BB~Archangelsk (1)


All the other units are replacements (the British DB-7B replaces the DB-7). Note that all the values on CS 5 are fine, but all the German aircraft with any red in them (not other units oddly) lost their red after proofing, so we included them again even if just their propellers were affected.

We also included German jets and orange-rated aircraft so we could increase the highlight colours against their background, but there is a fair bit of room for change if you desire more or different counters.