Patton in Flames Update


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Note: The Patton in Flames game is still available for sale either individually, in the WiFCE Superdeluxe Games Set and the WiFCE Superdeluxe Games Set update, but we have less than 30 left so we are no longer selling the Patton in Flames Update kit.


The Patton in Flames Update kit allows WiF players to play Patton in Flames at a substantial discount. It assumes you have WiF:the final edition and provides you with all the additional components required to play our greatest WW III game.

Patton in Flames update kit includes:

4 large (840 x 594mm) full-colour WiF7 paper maps,

1 full-colour WiF7 Americas paper map (420 x 297mm),

1000 half-inch full-colour counters (CS 31-35), and

Patton in Flames Rulebook, and

2 x WiF7 full-colour Combat charts.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. The Patton in Flames update requires any edition of World in Flames in order to be played.