Fatal Alliances: The Great War (aka FA III)



Fatal Alliances: the Great War

A century after the events depicted, Fatal Alliances: the Great War is a complete, stand-alone boxed grand strategic game that allows players to fight the Great War over the entire world based on the hugely popular World in Flames game.

Fatal Alliances: the Great War is playable by two to six players on three maps and includes 1680 counters representing land, air, and naval units of the main combatants ~ France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Austria-Hungary, the United States, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, Serbia, and many other potential belligerents.

In Fatal Alliances: the Great War, land units are mostly army and corps sized, with some division-sized and smaller specialty units such as artillery, tanks, and stosstruppen as well as the army group headquarters. You can also build colonial units to defend your far-flung possessions as the war spreads across the globe.

Every dreadnought and major warship is included in the same glorious detail as World in Flames. Players will struggle to control the seas to deny key resources to the enemy, while keeping their own sea lines of communication open. Germany can decide whether to send the powerful High Seas Fleet out to force a decisive battle against the Royal Navy, or to attempt to break out to raid British merchant shipping, or keep it in Kiel as a fleet in being and rely instead on submarines to starve Britain into submission. Zeppelins and aircraft, only a dozen years after the Wright Brothers' first flight, will also impact the land and naval war as observers, fighters, and bombers. Fatal Alliances: the Great War also incorporates the crucial importance of production and politics on the outcome of the war. At last you can re-fight World War I as it was meant to be fought, hopefully not as incompetently as it was fought, as you command your nation to ultimate victory.


• 2 large maps (1168mm x 820mm)
• 1 America mini-map (410mm x 574mm)
• 1680 full colour counters
• Rule book
• 2 Combat Charts
• Production Circle
• 2 x 10-sided dice


Fatal Alliances: the Great War features

• Three maps (two large, 1168mm x 820mm or 46in x 32in maps) of Europe and one (594mm x 420mm or 23in x 17in) of the Americas and the Pacific and 1680 counters encompass all the crucial aspects of diplomacy and warfare across the globe during the First World War from 1914 till Armistice day 1918
• Up to six players control any one or more of the 5 major entente powers of the war (France, Britain, Italy, Russia and the United States) or the 3 major central powers (Austria-Hungary, Germany and the Ottoman Empire)
• Detailed production system requiring you to prioritize your builds depending on the strategy you choose
• The importance of diplomacy is highlighted as both sides attempt to cajole neutrals in joining their holy cause
• National morale rules are included as the sheer scale and carnage gradually sap the will of even the hardiest foe. Will your country prevail or will you sink into chaos, anarchy and revolution?
• Suitable for solitaire play