World in Flames7 Deluxe Game


NOTE: This is the 7th edition of World in Flames NOT The collector's edition.



World in Flames is Australian Design Group's international award winning grand strategic game of World War II. The World in Flames Deluxe game provides you with everything you need to gain the full rich experience of World in Flames.

The World in Flames Deluxe game includes 3600 counters (CS1-9, 14, 15 & 18-24), 7 maps (West and East Europe, Asia, the pacific, the Americas, Africa and Scandinavia), Rules and Scenarios booklets and charts to allow you to re-fight World War II in one accessible, yet highly detailed game.

The World in Flames Deluxe game includes all the latest high quality components, Planes in Flames, Ships in Flames, Mech in Flames, Africa Aflame and Asia Aflame. It also contains all the latest updates to the game and the very latest rules and scenarios booklet incorporating a dozen new optional rules, a brand new 1940-45 campaign game and all the latest errata and revisions.

The rules now also contain all the optional rules from every WiF kit from Planes in Flames to Cruisers in Flames all in one easy to access (not to mention fully indexed) rule book.

The World in Flames Deluxe game consists of:
• the World in Flames Classic game;
• 1 additional A3 full-colour game chart;
• an Africa map & 200 counters ~ CS 14 (from Africa Aflame);
• a Scandinavian map & 200 counters ~ CS 15 (from Asia Aflame);
• 600 aircraft counters ~ CS 7-9 (from Planes in Flames);
• 1000 naval counters ~ CS 18-22 and a task force display (from Ships in Flames); and
• 200 land counters ~ CS 23 (from Mech in Flames);

for a total of 7 maps and 3600 counters.

If you want to refight World War II from go to whoa then the World in Flames Deluxe game is for you.