WiF 94/95 Annual (incl. the 2007 MiF counters)



The World in Flames 1994/95 Annual is a 72 page Annual including tips, hints and after action replays of World in Flames (5th edition), Days of Decision II, Ships in Flames and Planes in Flames.

It also includes 2007 Mech in Flames a 200 countersheet expansion (CS 23) for World in Flames that adds engineers, mech and motorised corps, city based volunteers, Soviet Guards banner armies and divisions, early and late war aircraft, ship funnies, supply units and forts to spice up your next game of World in Flames. It is playable with the 5th, 6th and 7th editions of World in Flames (the Mech in Flames combat counters are already included in the Collector's edition).