Planes in Flames 7th edition


NOTE: This is the 7th (previous) edition of Planes in Flames NOT The World in Flames collector's edition Planes in Flames.



Martin taps his oil gauge anxiously. Why don’t the Tommies come out into the English channel and fight fair. Martin’s short range Emil could only last 15 minutes over England and 12 were already up.

Urgently through the radio “Achtung, schnell, schnell! Jagdflieger aus drei Uhr!”. As Martin pulls back hard on the stick, banking his Messerschmitt into a tight spiral turn he contemplates, just another day in the Luftwaffe.


Planes in Flames 7th edition is an air expansion for the 7th edition World in Flames game system. It adds 600 full-colour (12.7 x 12.7mm) counters (countersheets 7-9, copyright 2007) representing every major combat aircraft (and then some) during World War II.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. Planes in Flames 7th edition requires World in Flames 7th, or earlier, edition in order to be played.