Convoys in Flames



Convoys in Flames is Australian Design Group's World in Flames naval expansion that includes all the escort carriers, sub chasers, and specially fitted ASW aircraft that fought the battle of the Atlantic.

Facing them are the specialist subs deisgned throughout the war to try to bring Britain to her knees. These include the Schnorkel, the Walther, the Milch cows and even the first ever guided missile submarines to roll off the production lines.

All the major powers of World War II have vastly enhanced capability to fight this most deadly of naval battles.

Also included are the German auxiliary cruisers and the tankers and convoys produced by all the major powers and minor countries. At last you can slink silently between the convoys or hunt down those wolf packs until final victory is achieved.

Convoys in Flames includes 400 counters, rules and charts.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. Convoy in Flames requires World in Flames in order to be played.