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Blitz! A World in Conflict is an army-level adaptation of the internationally award winning global World War II game World in Flames. Blitz! A World in Conflict covers the entire globe on one large (approx 1168mm x 820mm) map of the world with different scales covering the main theaters of the war (Europe, North Africa, the Pacific, East Asia and the Atlantic) in greater detail.  

Blitz! A World in Conflict is a stand-alone boxed game. It includes almost 400 counters providing all the armies, air wings, and fleets for all the major combatants and many other countries plus various game markers. It plays in a fraction of the time needed for a full World in Flames campaign game (4 to 8 hours for the entire global war) while still giving players all of the critical decisions and opportunities about which forces to research and build, and where and when to deploy them. A unique victory and variable game end system combines with national objectives for each major power to make for an endless intermixing of strategies, and a highly replayable game. An optional rule even allows you to revise the pre-war political decisions of the 1930s.

At last you can re-fight WWII with both World in Flames style and accuracy, and also with beer and pretzels fun ~ and finish in less than a lifetime.


• 1 large area-based map (1168mm x 820mm)
• just under 400 full colour counters
• 1 Rule book
• 6 full-colour Weapons Development Charts
• 1 two-sided full colour Blitzing the Road to War chart
• 1 two-sided full colour Victory Card
• 2 x 6-sided dice


Blitz! A World in Conflict features

• One large area-based map (1168mm x 820mm or 46in x 32in) and almost 400 counters encompassing all the important aspects of diplomacy and warfare across the globe during the Second World War from 1939 to 1945 (or later)

• Up to three players control one or more of the 3 Allied major powers of the war (the Anglo-French Alliance including Great Britain, France, the Commonwealth and their other allies and colonies; the Soviet Union; and the USA) or the 2 Axis major powers (Germany and her allies including Italy and Japan)

• Simple and fun game system that encourages replayability

• Novel game systems (such as R&D and neutral major power entry) that eliminate luck and focus on player choices, adding extra dimensions to your play

• Unique victory and game end system that rewards the player who best coordinates their major power's economic policies, military decisions, and national objectives

• Highly suitable for solitaire play