Ships in Flames 7th edition


NOTE: This is the 7th (previous) edition of Ships in Flames NOT The World in Flames collector's edition Ships in Flames.



The captain of the Glorious peers anxiously through his binoculars, praying that he sees nothing on the horizon. What are we doing here? he wonders. How is his magnificent fleet carrier supposed to help the lads, desperately fighting their way through Narvik, without some big gun back-up?

Suddenly all hell breaks lose!

aarrRRROOOORRRrraa! aarrRRROOOORRRrraa! Warning! Unknown vessels, 25,000 yards, baring 270! "Hard a-port, full steam" barks the Captain.

But it is too late. The first 11" salvoes from the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are already straddling the carrier.

The Glorious, and her crew, are doomed.


Ships in Flames 7th edition is a naval expansion for the 7th edition World in Flames game system. It contains 1000 full-colour half-inch counters (copyright 2007, countersheets 18-22) and a full-colour A3 cardboard Task Force display.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. Ships in Flames 7th edition requires World in Flames 7th or earlier edition in order to be played.