WiF7 Super Deluxe countersheet set


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Note: This is not the collector's edition of World in Flames, it is the 7th edition.


The  World in Flames 7th edition Super Deluxe countersheet set contains the full 8920 counters that form the 7th edition of the World in Flames universe. With this you get all the counters you need to refight the greatest conflict in history from 1936 to 1950.

The WiF 7th ed Super Deluxe countersheet set contains all the counters from:

WiF7 Deluxe (CS 1-9, 14, 15 & 18-24);
Days of Decision III (CS 13 & 17);
America in Flames (CS 26-28);
Carrier Planes in Flames (CS 29);
Politics in Flames (CS 30);
Patton in Flames (CS 31-35);
Cruisers/Convoys in Flames (CS 36-38);
Factories in Flames (CS 39); and
Khaki in Flames (CS 40-45).

for a total of 8920 counters!

Pls note: The WiF 7th edition Super Deluxe countersheet set is not a complete game. It requires any World in Flames game or WiF starter kit in order to be played.