Mech in Flames



Mech in Flames is the completely revised 200 countersheet Mech in Flames (CS 23, copyright 2007) expansion for World in Flames (initially included with the 1994/95 Annual) as well as one World in Flames Final combat chart.

Mech in Flames adds engineers, mech and motorised corps and divisions, city based volunteers, Soviet Guards banner armies and divisions, early and late war aircraft, more exotic ships (e.g. the British monitors, the upgunned German Scharnhorsts and the French CVL conversions), supply units and forts and much much more. Everything you need to spice up your next game of WiF.

Mech in Flames is playable with the 5th, 6th and 7th editions of World in Flames (the combat counters are already included in the Collector;s edition). It also includes kit identifiers on the back of each counter so you know precisely which counter works with which kit (at last, some organisation!).

Mech in Flames is available now for your next game of World in Flames.

Pls note: this is not a complete game. Mech in Flames requires World in Flames in order to be played.


The new rules for 2007 Mech in Flames are:

1. Guards Banner divisions: Guards Banner (see WiF 22.4.14) divisions are the only units that may breakdown Guards Banner Armies. Guards Banner divisions breakdown a Guards Banner Army in the same manner as ordinary divisions (see WiF 22.4.1). They may also enter play by promotion (see WiF 22.4.14) but not by normal production (see WiF 13.6). When destroyed, they are placed back into their force pool and are available to be promoted or to breakdown other Guards Banner Armies in future.

2. All Commonwealth Set Ups: Where any World in Flames set-up (see WiF 24) instructs the Commonwealth to set up a C-47, they instead set up any available Commonweath ATR (chosen randomly).

3. City based volunteers: All units with the name of a city on their back are city based volunteers (see WiF 22.4.8)

4. MiF Ships: All naval units are available to be built from the year they become available. The Japanese replacement carriers are alternatives to those provided in Ships in Flames. Japan can replace the Japanese battleships with either the SiF or MiF (historical) ones, not both.

The Commonwealth World War I monitors (Roberts if playing Classic WiF, or the Terror and Erebus if playing with Ships in Flames) set up in the United Kingdom in all scenarios involving the Western European map. They are removed from play in all other scenarios. Furthermore in all scenarios starting after Sep/Oct 1941, the Terror is no longer available (this was the turn she was sunk). The other 2 monitors are placed in the construction pool in Western European scenarios commencing the calendar year following the monitors available date, and on the map in the United Kingdom in all Western European scenarios commencing two or more calendar years after.