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Chanel R Murrow reporting from Hofgeismar, issue 6 Posted on 21 Jun 18:49 , 0 comments

It is autumn 1941, and our Pulitzer prize-in-waiting journalist Chanel R Murrow brings us the latest news on this great and tragic World in Flames conflict after another harrowing hurrying to the front.

Chanel R Murrow reporting from Hofgeismar, issue 5 Posted on 13 Jun 10:55 , 0 comments

Our international award winning journalist risks his life once more bringing you all the world-shaking news from the front.

Chanel R Murrow reporting from Hofgeismar, issue 4 Posted on 31 May 23:00 , 2 comments

As 1940 comes to a close our courageous reporter Chanel R. Murrow breathlessly briefs us from the front once more.

Chanel R Murrow reporting from Hofgeismar, issue 3 Posted on 20 May 22:00 , 0 comments

Courage has no equal to our brave reporter, Chanel R Murrow, reporting all the latest news from the front in the Spring of 1940.

Chanel R Murrow reporting from Hofgeismar, issue 2 Posted on 13 May 00:01 , 0 comments

Our intrepid reporter, Chanel R. Murrow, continues his historic reportage of the unceasing and unflagging World in Flames struggle direct from the front lines.

Chanel R Murrow reporting from Hofgeismar, issue 1 Posted on 6 May 21:00 , 0 comments

While Chanel and his fellow commanders are hunkering down during the blitz in a bunker at an undisclosed location near Whitehall, we will do a weekly series of the epic World in Flames collector's edition campaign we fought at Eurowifcon, Hofgeismar Germany in 2018.

The commanders are

Allies: China/USSR ~ Terry, Commonwealth ~ Chanel, France/USA ~ Tom

Axis: Germany ~ Tobias, Italy ~ Harry, Japan ~ Holger

We now hand over to the entirely unbiased Chanel R Murrow, straight from the front, press


Official History of the Campaign for North Rivett Posted on 6 Apr 00:40 , 0 comments

Now that the dust has settled, at least for the moment, on our recent World in Flames Campaign for North Rivett, it might be a good time to discuss the strategies, tactics, and execution of the war, and the lessons learnt thereof, with my usual concise, insightful and humble objectivity.

Campaign for North Rivett day 7 Posted on 21 Mar 13:00 , 3 comments

As World in Flames' autumn turns slowly into the winter of 1942, would this be a turning point? And if so, for who?

Chanel R Murrow reporting from London, issue 7 Posted on 20 Mar 09:00 , 0 comments

Latest true, accurate and not the least bit sensationalist horror stories from all the spring 1942 World in Flames fronts, brought to you by the planet's leading journalist, Chanel R "Stevens" Murrow.

Campaign for North Rivett day 6 Posted on 15 Mar 00:18 , 0 comments

The summer of 1942 sees massive attacks and counterattacks in Russia, spectacular invasions and naval battles in the Mediterranean, and ominous signs in Asia of a British empire possibly tottering towards defeat.