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Room with a view

Room with a view

Day 9 - and the tension level increases by the hour.  Dice are being rolled FURIOUSLY, heavy breathing and sighs are punctuated by angry cursing and slamming of dice cups.

You can tell we are getting close to the climax of the war. And like in any war, it seems to me that different countries and different generals play by different rules.  And because the Collector's Edition rule book is 80 + pages of 9 point font - there are inevitably differences of opinion.  Which makes everything very bloody interesting indeed, particularly at this point in the week.

One compelling character I've met this week is Frederik.  

Standing at least 6.5 feet tall, Frederik is certainly not lacking in confidence.  He's playing the USA in this game, and thinks he has it wrapped up.  He's entered the war much earlier than normal for the USA, which has allowed his production to explode.  He's using 98% of this production against the Japanese, so watch out Chanel!!!  He also admits he's been very lucky so far; the dice have been kind to him.  We'll check back in with final results in the next instalment.

 The USA looms large over the game


Well the dice gods have been smiling on Frederik, but unfortunately not on Torsten.  Torsten has had a very tough game - he was playing Russia and I couldn't really follow exactly why things went wrong, but I know they did. Which was a bummer, since he had taken the week away from his high powered job managing a large Real Estate association, and his wife and kids.  But he'll be back and better luck next time Torsten!!

There were also another couple of guys who left early, so I missed getting their mug shots and fingerprints on file. Aachim and Rupert, who by all accounts played well under trying circumstances. Rupert hales from Monaco and had to get back to running his own business so could only take time off to war for a few days.

Aachim on the other hand had plenty of time, too much as it turned out and found himself in the unfortunate position of channelling Josef Stalin while Hitler was swanning around Casablanca (playing it again Sam) doing his best to ignore Josef until late 1943 leaving Uncle Joe many nights nursing his vodka in his Moscow Dacha.   

And hang on -  here's another few guys I've never seen before  - did they just parachute in? 

 Benjamin and Thomas brought along one of Australian Design Group's latest offerings, World in Flames Blitz, designed by David LeLacheur and produced by Compass Games in partnership with ADG. Advertised as WiF in less than a lifetime, this fast-paced version of World in Flames allowed them to just pop in for a day or two and catch everyone else up. 

And Dirk.  Exactly who is Dirk? I must confess Dirk's role seemed very shadowy. Is he a spy, an agent provocateur or possibly even a honey trap?

Now - let's focus on a couple of things close to my heart - fashion and food.  First up - WiFcon fashion.  Specifically footwear. Imelda Marcos eat your heart out.  Check out these stylish trends.


Now these days we're all increasingly aware of the importance of health food, and here at the Schutzen hall it's no exception. I'm gonna let the images tell the story :


 Got the picture?  And check out these yummy lollies too :

And as the day pans to a close, I reflect on these gamers I've met - they are all very lovely, gentle, intelligent and welcoming.  

So why the hell do they have so many disturbing and creepy surgical implements everywhere? Answer me that...

Anyhow, back with the final blog tomorrow, sweet dreams all,