Chicago Poker



Chicago Poker

Welcome to the roaring twenties! The players represent notorious gangster bosses in the heyday of organized crime in Chicago.

They try to take control of the main legal and illegal sources of profit - speakeasies, gambling houses, jazz clubs, and breweries/distilleries. In order to achieve this, each player sends his gangsters to intimidate the owners of these businesses. Most of the businesses even change ownership at the gambling table! The first player to either take control 3 businesses of the same kind, 4 different businesses or any 5 businesses, is the winner in Chicago Poker.


  1. Hexagonal Business tiles 87 cards 4 shootout markers Rules

Players: 2 - 6 Playtime: 45 minutes, From age: 10

Author: Bruno Faidutti; Bruno Cathala Illustrator: Czarne