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Philippe in a moment of repose

Dateline Hofgeismar

Day 8 - It's been fascinating watching these guys in the war room over the past few days.  They might not be able to clean a kitchen (with the notable exception of Chanel, who when complimented on his housekeeping skills protested "oh don't worry I don't do it for the team, I do it to stay alive!") but their intellects are undeniable.  

Philippe is smart, young and attractive. He's a neuroscientist from Berlin. He's really pleased to have met other WIFfers from Berlin because he loves the social aspect of board games and looks forward to challenging them to a rematch in the coming months. Just goes to show how great boardgames are in forging friendships.   

Tom comes from Michigan US, and is a lawyer with a heart who provides pro bono help to the disadvantaged in his community. His son's about to finish his PhD in physics so there is no shortage of grey matter in this family. This is his 5th EuroWiFcon (he is so dedicated he's also supported USWifcons as well) and we look forward to seeing him at the 6th).

Another gamer from across the Atlantic is Eric, ADG's main man. He and his wife Kandice brilliantly handle all the international distribution of World in Flames, 7 Ages and all the other plethora of ADG games usually from his prairie lair of Wichita Kansas. However he has had a fantastic opportunity with a worldwide company (other than ADG) to spend a few years working in the moors of Wales. He has 2 young kids but like many modern partners these days his very understanding wife has given him leave to bring out his inner Deutcsh for 10 days (hopefully the company is equally understanding).


Oystein is a charming guy from Oslo, with a big grin and an easy going manner.  He's been playing since the mid 90's, and he's been to about 6 conventions. His wife Sisel doesn't mind him coming for the week, as long as he brings her a gift home. Let's hope it's not a copy of WIF for her.


Stefan's another guy with a big grin, he's from Munich and a more jovial face you are rarely going to find. He's playing on the best table with the auteur (no doubt up to 4 other tables may disagree) and although his Japanese navy is being pounded mercilessly by Karsten's USN, he takes it all in good spirit and even returns the favour sinking 5 Essex class far.


Thomas is from Poland which goes to show how wide ranging our warriors hale from. Thomas is the quiet assassin. Although he often keeps his own counsel you underestimate him at your peril. With a flick of the rules or a roll of the die he'll have your panzers fleeing for the hills while you wonder what on earth happened to them.

Klaus is from Munich, and he's been sharing some of the play at this WiFcon with Harold, as he's had work commitments.  He's playing Japan, and he likes that because lived there for several years when he was younger. He loves knowing the cities he's defending and fighting for. He loves learning new stuff at each conference through playing new players and watching their strategies. 

Well thats it for today war-game widow sisters. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment tomorrow...