World in Flames Collector's edition Posted on 25 Sep 18:24

 Update 25 Sep 2016: Due to the large amount of changes we have made to the rules, counters and maps, and to ensure that all the new elements are properly tested and as this is the very last version of World in Flames ever, the release date is now April 2017. I apologise for the delay but believe when you finally receive your copy, it will be the most tested historical game on the market.


When World in Flames was first released in 1985 I had no idea we'd still be beavering away at it 31 years later.

The first edition took 2 years to produce. The collector's edition has so far taken 9 years. It synthesises approximately 9 million person hours of gaming experience to bring you (in October 2016) the definitive strategic game of world war II. 

The collector's edition provides new maps, new counters, streamlined, simplified and clarified full-colour rules, new scenarios, new options, new countries and new strategies.

The maps have moved away from mercator and conic projections to equal area projections. No 2D representation of a 3D world can be accurate but some are more appropriate than others. The problem with equal area projections is they tend to draw inwards areas close to the globe. To handle that we use the map breaks to ensure that if the cities can't go to the map edges the map edges can come to the cities. This gives the maps themselves a pleasing and intuitive globe look themselves (as you can see from the Asia map attached to this blog).

The counters have all been updated and revised as necessary. An extra countersheet has been added so all standard corps are now included in the Classic set. The carriers now show a top view as the dive bombers would have seen it just as they were releasing their bombs and all submarines are now individualised by class which affects their performance characteristics. More entry markers are available so you shouldn't run out now and everyone now has their own offensive points they can buy and spend.

The rules themselves have been thoroughly overhauled to make any FAQ superfluous. We have spent the last 7 years simplifying, streamlining and standardising the rules as much as possible with many more examples to make play of the game as smooth as possible.

There will also be 2 new expansions, Territories in Flames which replaces Africa Aflame and Divisions in Flames which replaces Asia Aflame & Mech in Flames. The basis of the collector's edition is that if you want one unit or marker type, you only need to go to one kit. Thus if you want divisions and artillery, all of them for all WiF games (including Patton in Flames and America in Flames) will be included in Divisions in Flames.

Finally we have added several new campaigns and scenarios including America in Flames, Patton in Flames and Days of Decision campaigns that now use all the counters from all the expansions (e.g. adding Ships in Flames to America in Flames).

It has taken 9 further years but at last we hope to achieve our 31 year endeavour to make World in Flames the Collector's edition the greatest gaming experience of your life.

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The World in Flames Collector's edition world comes as one of five products:

  • World in Flames Rules Set;
  • World in Flames Classic game;
  • World in Flames Starter kit;
  • World in Flames Deluxe game; and
  • World in Flames Super Deluxe game set.

The World in Flames Rules set consists of:

  • this rule book (incl. 2 x A4 builds charts);
  • scenarios book (sections 24-30 of the rules including scenario and campaign set ups);
  • 1 x A3 (420 x 294mm) full colour Turn record chart (including production circle and optional rules manifest); and
  • 1 x A3 full-colour game chart.

The World in Flames Classic game consists of:

  • the World in Flames Rules set;
  • 1 additional A3 full-colour game chart;
  • 4 large (574 x 820mm) full-colour maps covering most of the world (West Europe & Africa, East Europe & the middle east, Asia and the Pacific);
  • 1 x A3 full-colour mini-map of America;
  • 1600 counters representing all the armies, navies and air forces of World War II (counter sheets 1-6, 24 & 46); and
  • 2 ten-sided dice.

Everything you need to play the game.

The World in Flames Starter kit consists of everything contained in the World in Flames Classic game except the box and dice.

The World in Flames Deluxe game consists of:

  • the World in Flames Classic components;
  • 1 additional A3 full-colour game chart;
  • African & Scandinavian maps and 400 territorial & fort counters ~ CS 47 & 48 (from Territories in Flames);
  • 400 divisional and artillery counters ~ CS 49 & 50 (from Divisions in Flames);
  • 600 aircraft counters ~ CS 7-9 (from Planes in Flames); and
  • 1800 naval counters ~ CS 18-22, 36 & 51-53, and a task force display (from Ships in Flames, incorporating Carrier Planes in Flames, Convoy in Flames & Cruisers in Flames)

for a total of 7 maps and 4800 counters.

The World in Flames Super Deluxe game set consists of the:

  • World in Flames Deluxe game;
  • America in Flames (CS 26-28) game;
  • Days of Decision III (2 x CS 13 & 3 x CS17) game;
  • Patton in Flames (CS 31-35) game;
  • Khaki in Flames (CS 40-45) kit; and
  • most recent 2 Annuals (currently CS 30~Politics in Flames & CS 39~Factories in Flames)

for a total of 2 magazines, 4 games, 9 kits, 15 maps and 9240 counters (and a couple of pages of rules:)!

A Wargame widows diary - Eurowifcon 2016 from the other side of the trenches Posted on 13 Sep 10:05

Renowned artist and former advertising executive Catriona Holland will be attending this year's Eurowifcon at Hofgeismar (October 7-16) and presenting her own unique vision of being in the pressure cooker of 10 days kampf for world domination (and getting a decent feed in Hofgeismar). Cat's reports will start appearing in our Blogs section (to allow comments) on the 9th October.

For those interested in details of Eurowifcon 2016 please go to their website or email Markus at


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Welcome Posted on 04 Jun 09:57

Gidday friends and gamers,

Glad you could drop by and check out our new site. Like myself, it is currently a work in progress so please bear with us while we add all the bells and whistles.

Hopefully this site is much better organsied than our last but if you have any queries, comments or suggestions please feel free to drop me a line via the contact us page.


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P 1000 projects (World in Flames Master edition and Battle for Britain) Posted on 03 Jun 09:53

The P1000 projects overall were very successful with 3 of the 5 projects having already been printed (Khaki in Flames, WiF Blitz and Fatal Alliances III, the latter 2 in partnership with Compass Games).

The contracts for World in Flames: the master Edition and Battle for Britain have now expired and we are looking at alternative ways of bringing these fine games to our customers.

Don't panic! This site is set in Australian$, not real money! Posted on 01 Jun 10:49

All prices are set in Australian$. We have included a converter at checkout so you can see what it will be in your currency. Note that this only shows the current exchange rate and your bank may charge a conversion/transaction fee.

Freight costs Posted on 31 May 23:00

Unlike previous practice, shipping is now separate to the cost of the games. To reflect this our prices have been dramatically reduced. In most cases even accounting for the freight cost the overall price is still cheaper. This is particularly true if you order more than one game or kit at a time (hint, hint) as now you make the savings in freight, not us.