Millenium WiF Annual (incl. PoliF)


The Millenium World in Flames Annual is Australian Design Group's latest greatest Annual. It is jam packed with all the latest tips and hints for all our World in Flames products. It includes:

an America in Flames after action replay;

a new political system for World in Flames;

the latest strategy hints for World in Flames;

latest optional rules for World in Flames;

integrated Vichy and conquest system;

in depth Patton in Flames strategy notes;

four new campaign (Operation Star Spangled banner, The Bear Unleashed, The Duce's dream and Race to be a Superpower) set-up and notes;

200 Politics in Flames counters that includes the political markers for Politics in Flames, heavy weapons units for Russia and China, warlord counters, friction markers, new carriers that include surface to air missiles, partisan headquarters, late war Soviet jets and night fighters, etc.; and

the centrepiece of the Annual, Politics in Flames.

Politics in Flames allows you to economically, politically and militarily bring minor countries into your sphere of interest during the critical years of World War II. Can you woo Czechoslovakia, Spain, Turkey and Brazil amongst dozens of other countries to help you in your war of liberation?

The Millenium World in Flames Annual includes 200 counters, a 76 page Annual and the latest edition ( 2000) combat charts.

Price: $49.00 US, $59.00 AU

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