WiF Master Edition


Australian Design Group is pleased to announce our latest project, World in Flames - The Master Edition, the definitive boardgame of World War II.

Since 1999 Rüdiger Rinscheidt has been working on the Master Edition’s design and development. It is a complete conflict simulation about the Second World War for 2-5 players on divisional scale. This boardgame does not replace World in Flames - The Final Edition but supplements it in fine detail for the afficionado of World War II history.

While based on Australian Design Group's award winning game World in Flames, the Master edition has many new features including:

• monthly turns;

• divisional scale;

• reserve movement;

• crack units for every major power (like Guard Banner Armies);

• complete new land combat system including battle points (like surprise points within naval battles), simultaneous attack/defence dice rolls and reserve movement after combat (both attacker and defender) and much much more.

WiF Master edition is a complete boxed game that comes in two versions, the standard game played using the 5 World in Flames maps (i.e. can be played within the same space as the current game) and the deluxe version which includes 6 large maps (and the US minimap) providing far greater scope for sweeping operational manoeuvres across the globe.

The rules are the same length as the current rule set and you can download the draft version at www.gdg.de.

WiF Master Edition Contents

• 6 large (1168mm x 820mm) maps

• 1 US minimap (410mm x 287mm)

• 4800 full colour counters

• 1 Rules book

• 1 Scenarios book

• 2 Combat Charts

• 2 x 10-sided dice

The full (6 large map & US mini-map) WiF Master Edition is an ADG 1000 project. It is fully designed and ready for printing and will be produced when we receive a thousand advance orders. Your order now will not be processed until that milestone is reached when the game will be printed and then sent directly to you all included in the special advance order price. WiF Master Edition will retail for Australian$249 but if you order now you receive a 20% discount for a low low price of only Australian$199 including shipping.

Note that the components displayed are the playtest versions only, the full colour final versions will be produced when we get close to the thousand pre-order target.

Advance order total - 12 Feb 2016

Individual orders - 242

Retailer/Distrib - 212

Price: $199.00 US, $199.00 AU

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