2007 WiF Countersheet Set


3 years in the making, 22 years in the development, Australian Design Group is pleased to present the latest most state of the art counters for its international award winning World War II game World in Flames.

The 2007 WiF Countersheet Set includes all the latest counters for Planes in Flames (WiF Countersheets 7-9), Ships in Flames (WiF Countersheets 18-22), Mech in Flames (WiF countersheet 23 & the non-leader counters from Leaders in Flames CS 25), Days of Decision III (CS 13 & 17) & countersheet 24 from the original and best, World in Flames: Classic; a total of 2400 counters and one World in Flames combat chart.

Check out the individual product pages for the specific info on the updated kits, and then if you want to play the World's leading World War II strategic game with the most up to date information available, the 2007 WiF Countersheet Set will give you everything you need.

Note: The 2007 WiF Countersheet Set is not a stand alone game. It requires any edition of World in Flames to play.


The following is further information on our newly released products.

ADG is pleased to announce the release of its latest kits:

2007 Planes in Flames (PiF, CS 7-9)

2007 Ships in Flames (SiF, CS 18-22)

2007 Mech in Flames (MiF CS23 & non-leader counters from (LiF) CS 25)

2007 WiF countersheet set (all of the above & CS 13, 17 & 24)

All kits have been revised with the latest errata. In the case of Planes in Flames, this includes new aircraft and some revised capabilities of some others but overall not dramatic changes.

Ships in Flames has more substantial changes particularly amongst the subs which have all been dramatically revised to base their availability date on speed and range (which changed dramatically during the war) rather than actual firepower (which didn't). Thus advanced building subs becomes a major option to get those long range subs early that can do the most damage to the vulnerable supply lines.

Finally Mech in Flames has been completely overhauled to make it totally compatible with World in Flames: Final edition, both graphically and conceptually. Thus all those superfluous (and ugly) garrison, mech and motorised units have been replaced or deleted. As a nod to the kit name we have updated the late-war ARM, MECH and MOT of each major power to WiF: Final standards as well as all the other units included in the original Mech in Flames (e.g. supply units are now depicted as what they are, motorised divisions and forts have also of course been retained).

Some of the spare units created by deleting the obsolete units were used to move across all the non-leader counters from CS 25 (Leaders in Flames), which is not being reprinted (so get in quick if you want one of the last hundred).

This meant we also got to upgrade the Guards Banner Army units both extending the numbers and types of them, but also adding a new unit type, Guards Banner Divisions (which can only be brought into play by breaking down a Guards Banner army unit or promotion). As you can imagine, the Guards Banner divisions are pretty good, so not only does this increase the flexibility of the Russian player, it also increases their decision making and staying power (not to mention the counters themselves look pretty schmick).

With the rest of the spare counters, we have added extra city based volunteers for many more major powers giving them historical objectives to head towards, some early and late war aircraft, some extra minor units to stop naughty invasions (no more Lisbon on a free I'm afraid) and also some ship what-ifs (e.g. British monitors, the actual Japanese CV Shinano class conversions, upgunned Scharnhorsts and French CVL conversions) in both WiF Classic and WiF Deluxe versions.

All these kits also include a kit identifier, a single character on the back of the counter that tells you which kit the counter comes from. In the case of MiF, there is sometimes a second character that tells you that not only does the counter come from MiF, but it is only to be employed if you are also playing SiF.

The 2007 WiF countersheet set includes all the above plus one copy of CS 13, 17 & 24. CS 13 & 17 are the DoD counters reprinted with few changes while CS 24 has had 2/3rds of the 0 US entry chits upped to 1 making US entry slightly earlier (average 1/2 - 1 turn) and minimising the chances of picking a 0 US entry chit (only 2 left now).

Price: $99.00 US, $119.00 AU

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