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World in Flames Takes Over!

There are things in life that sometimes border on perfection and we simply cannot believe they can get better. In the wargaming market, there is a boardgame that in many ways can be referenced as THE Wargame, thanks to its scope, its realism, the passion of the massive community that plays it and the keen and accurate design: World in Flames.

There is perhaps only one challenge – finding the space, time and an opponent to play it with!

After a decade of development by a team that is devoted to World in Flames and has spared no effort to bring it accurately and faithfully to the computer, Matrix Games, along with Australian Design Group, is going to introduce you to a whole new way of playing World in Flames with this long-awaited computer version!

However, World in Flames for the computer is not just for computer wargamers! The game is only available in physical format and includes three Hardbound Full Color reference volumes and an optional Map Pack. The hardbound volumes are as follows:

• Player's Manual Vol. 1 & Vol 2 (They cover the interface and gameplay of the officially licensed Matrix Games World in Flames computer game forming a complete reference on how to play the game). These are full color hardbound manuals totaling 552 pages, more comprehensive than any game manual we've done in the past!

• The Rules as Coded (it follows the structure of the World in Flames as Written, providing a complete reference of the WiF rules as implemented in the officially licensed computer game. Players can also use this as a rule book for tabletop play). This is also a full color hardbound volume totaling 192 pages and is an invaluable reference which gives you the entire combined Rules as Coded at your fingertips for computer or tabletop play.

The optional Map Pack is the global consistent scale and tabletop-playable WIF map!

• Players for the first time can purchase an entire new set of full color WiF maps at 90 kilometers per hex (70,200 hexes)! The maps are identical to the in-game maps in look and match the hex scale of the board game maps so that they are entirely playable on the table top. These are the first global contiguous WIF maps to date! All at the same consistent scale, they cover the entire Globe in 24 sections printed in full-color heavy stock gloss paper. You can use the sections separately or connect them for the full global map. Total size of the map is height 9ft (2.7 meters) and length 21ft (6.4 meters). That's nearly 200 square feet of map!

There are thousands of units with quantified historical capabilities from 250 countries with 8 major powers. World in Flames is a detailed simulation of all of World War II and the interactions between land, sea, and air forces on a global scale.

Visit the dedicated Forum Page to see a full collection of pictures featuring the Books and the Maps, plus the 3D rendering of the complete World Map. Also you can enjoy the “Seven Moments of Wow” to have an inside look at the game, get some hints and find out more about it.

You can find lots of further information on World in Flames from its official product page or if you don’t want to miss the chance to be part of a milestone in Wargaming History by playing Matrix Games’ World in Flames…


NOTE: The price mentioned below is purely indicative and does NOT include freight and handling. ADG does not sell the game directly, it is only available from matrixgames. To purchase the game and get the actual price please go to the matrixgames store.

Price: $99.00 US, $119.95 AU

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