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 Update to the Update 25 Sep 2016: Due to the large amount of changes we have made to the rules, counters and maps, and to ensure that all the new elements are properly tested and as this is the very last version of World in Flames ever, the release date is now April 2017. I apologise for the delay but believe when you finally receive your copy, it will be the most tested historical game on the market.


As you may know, since 2007 a team of us have been beavering away to make the definitive version of World in Flames, our international award winning grand strategic game of WWII. We thought we did it with the Final edition but we were wrong. Now after 9 years on this edition and 31 years in total (over 5 million person hours of total playtest experience) we are at last getting close to getting it right.

First off we won't be reprinting any of the WiF games except World in Flames itself but here there are extensive changes including all 5 standard maps, new rules and charts including several new campaigns and printing 24 countersheets totalling 4800 counters.

We also won't be reprinting any of the annuals and the kits for all these annuals are still current except for any WiF combat units included in these kits which are now all included in the reprinted countersheets.

One of our key objectives in the Collector's edition is to clarify, simplify and streamline all aspects of the game. First in line is to bring all the units or marker of a type into the one kit. Thus if you want divisions, you only need Divisions in Flames as every Collector's edition division is included in this kit and no division outside this kit is now part of the game.

Furthermore instead of a plethora of kits each counting aircraft, ships and land units, each combat kit only includes one of these types of units and there are only 4 kits that will include all the standard combat counters included in the game, 1 air kit (Planes in Flames) 1 naval kit (Ships in Flames that will include Cruisers in Flames, Convoys in Flames and Carrier Planes in Flames) and 2 land kits (Divisions in Flames and Territories in Flames)..

Thus what will be included in the collector's edition print is

1) World in Flames Classic game: 5 maps (4 large maps of Europe, Asia and the pacific and an American minimap), 1600 counters (CS1-6, 24 & 46), full-colour rulebook, B&W scenarios book and full-colour charts

2) Planes in Flames expansion*: 600 counters (CS 7-9) and charts

3) Ships in Flames expansion*: 1800 counters (CS 18-22, 36 & 51-53) and a task force display) incorporating CliF, CoiF and CVPiF

4) Divisions in Flames expansion*: 400 counters (CS 49-50) and charts; adds all divisions included in the game

5) Territories in Flames expansion*: 400 counters (CS 47-48) and charts; all territorials, city based volunteers, Warlords, Siberians, Ukrainians, forts, roads, rails, factories, oil, build point and other economic markers to round out the land elements of World in Flames.

*~not complete games, require any World in Flames game (Days of Decision, World in Flames, America in Flames or Patton in Flames) in order to be played.

Note that Africa Aflame and Asia Aflame will be retired subsumed by Territories in Flames and Divisions in Flames respectively.

(Check out the Collector's edition in the News section for the full description of each new game and kit)


At the moment we are aiming to a release late in 2016 or early 2017 and may end up splitting it in two tranches (WiF Classic, DiF and TiF first, followed by SiF and PiF a few months later).

One reason its taken longer than expected is I'm also doing all the business and correspondence as well as the design and development so things like this new website naturally eat into the time needed to get WiF finished.

But one of the great things of the new web site is you get to comment so please feel free to comment to this blog with any queries or suggestions you may have. Please check out our downloads section as we already have a fair bit of stuff you can download including the new rules and charts which may well help with any disputes you have with WiF7 (the current version). One of the many great things about the Collector's edition is that even though it has been a massive overhaul, most of the fundamental systems will be second nature to all current WiF players and thus the learning curve for the Collector's edition should be relatively easy. I shall add to the downloads over the next few months so you get a good idea exactly what you are getting.

One of the many things I need to do prior to release is to write up the strategy notes for each of the campaigns. Happy to do that for the global war campaign but if you are a bit of an expert WiFFer and want to impart your wisdom to all the rest of us poor long-suffering duffers, please drop me a line via our contact form with the campaign(s) that you have the drop dead best strategies for.

Needless to say being a poor struggling artist living in a metaphorical garret, I can't offer anything so sordid as money, but you will get your name in the credits and a free copy of the WiF Classic collector's edition (perhaps even Deluxe if you do a few strategy articles), not to mention immortality in print, or at least until the wargame museum closes down, whichever comes first.

So thanks for your patience and hopefully it won't be too much longer before we finally get to play World in Flames: the collector's edition. Remember that this is the LAST edition ever and I want to get it right, or as close to right as I can.

Yours in WiFFing,


Harry Rowland


Pls note that this post has been edited several times due to my driftiness and obsessive compulsion to read my own posts. Please accept my apologies.